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Lich and combat


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Newly joined the lich hunts, and I have to preface this by saying, that I'm not the best gamer in the world, and I honestly do have problems sometimes with Quick time events. 

The lich combat system is getting updates, as per the latest dev stream, but it didnt talk about the murmurs. Killing that many thralls for each one is... its painful sometimes. Newer players (or new to the notion of the lich system) dont exactly have any signposts on how to go about this without looking at the design notes. Maybe make it somewhat clearer in game? Not as a permanent thing, but maybe for the first lich you kill? And reduce the number of thralls needed mayhaps. 

Which brings me to the second part of the suggestion. The combat. Can we please go back to the way it was where the combo finishers were not dedicated to the action button, but a part of the melee combo button functions? The placement of the keys is awkward to shift between the two in case of a crowded scenario, and half the time, its difficult to position yourself near the enemies to be able to get the X-Mercy thing to appear on screen, instead of just reloading your weapon. 



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