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Nyx rework suggestion


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I love nyx, atleast visually she's my favorite looking frame and i love her psychic theme. But in current state of the game she just simply doesn't work that well. 

I've created a rework for her that would keep her theme and keep resemblences of her current playstyle. It might not be Pablo level of a rework but i tried my best to get as close to his level of a frame synergy as i could. Of course abilities can be balanced by testing even further. 

Nyx abilities:

1st ability:

 There won't be a first ability, instead 1st ability will be turned into (kind of like Ivara wheel) of commands current ideas of commands are: 

1. Mind controlled enemies will stand in a target location and face to the direction Nyx was facing when casting this ability. Mind controlled targets will shoot all enemies that come into their line of sight

 2. All mind controlled targets will shoot at Nyx untill ability is recasted again. (This might seem a little bit weird now but as you read further abilities it makes more sense.


2nd ability:

(Forward cone shape), Nyx will take the guns of all affected enemies and place them around her. These guns will get a damage buff. Also these guns alongside guns Nyx is using will get a buff that shreds enemy armor (This is a balancing issue that would need to be scaled by trying it in game).  These guns will shoot alongside Nyx as Nyx is shooting. 

Also if this ability is used on mind controlled targets it will command mind controlled targets to kill themselves and then Nyx will take the guns around her as stated above.


3rd ability (Channeled or Duration based, not entirly sure):

This ability is pretty simple. It will Mass mind control enemies around Nyx for a duration of an ability (or work as channeled ability)


4th ability (Channeled ability):

                   1st cast: Nyx will create a psychic aura around her that will catch all bullets shot at her. Size of the aura increases as she catches more bullets. 

                   2nd cast: Nyx will pull all the caught bullets infront of her give them a damage buff and shoot them forward in a growing Carpet shape.


I hope this isn't hard to read as my english isn't very good but i tried to put it all here. I would definatly like some feedback on it and liked enough. Maybe even DE will see it? (If they actually look at forums. :D)

Also sorry for not inserting text more as aperently "Tab" button doesn't work here. I'm sorry

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I agree that Nyx needs work, and I like these ideas.

About the first ability, a command ability to direct mind controlled enemies makes a lot of sense! Though, I bet that it could be added to an 'Ivara style' toggle on Nyx's mind control ability. One mode to cast mind control, and then tap the ability to switch to different commands. For the first ability, I'd say reuse Nyx's current 2nd ability, Psychic Bolts, only in addition to everything else they deal a certain amount of Void damage.

An AoE that disarms enemies and re-purposes their weapons sounds pretty awesome. I'd say the weapons should fire at nearby enemies with sentinel style aiming on a timer, but recasting while the ability is active should discharge all the potential damage at once where Nyx is aiming. Having too many objects in the game activate simultaneously can cause lag, so limiting that is important.



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Hi, glad to meet a fellow Nyx fan, you get a like form me! Some ideas on your post now:

Cycling stances for mind controlled enemies is something I had no my MIND for some time as well. So, totally agreed here.

Now 2 and 4 i think would be more suited for Mag, rather then Nyx. magnetic fields manipulation is not exactly the same as mind controll.

I will be releasing my ideas for Nyx rework in a couple of weeks and hope to see you there! 

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I apologize in advance for possible errors, I do not speak English.
I support the author of this post.
I play 4 years. 27th rank. 42% of the time played on this warframe. I'm sick of playing a useless creep. I am criticized for choosing this warframe. This is not even the point. I myself understand perfectly well that a warframe has no scope. The average supply of energy, no survival. (Assimilation turns me into an even more miserable creature and in general, it's just not interesting gameplay. You even banned the use of inventory ...).
1 ability is useless.
2 ability removes armor from 6 mobs? You heard right! Only 6 mobs, you can laugh.
3 ability does not help in the defense of extractors, some mobs ignore it. Moreover, it is dangerous for the allies and the Nyx itself.
4 ability still does no damage. For some reason, did you decide to give a boost to the Nyx damage? Allies in one instant deprive me of energy and I will die. I am dying after the abolition of the ability. It's not funny.

Nyx has long required a deep and thoughtful overhaul. I fully subscribe to this post. Let some of the proposed abilities in my opinion go too far here, but it's better than useless creep.

Thanks for attention


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