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Farm beast/companion mods





I’ve been struggling with finding mods for my Kavat... link mods, maul, animal instinct....

I am sort of a noob so location only is not sufficient to know if its an open world map I should farm.

I have done countless runs on earth slaying Kubrows and opening everything on the map with no luck.


Any advice?

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Addendum for added clarity:

Sabotage Rant-

The Earth Sabotage node is a completely worthless mission. If you can find three caches quickly, you’ve probably made it to Eris where whatever the rare resource of Earth is, neuroptic mass or something, drops more common. If you have made it that far in the starchart, then the cache rewards of the sabotage mission are literally worthless. Common resources. Plants. Freaking plants, faster to just scan them. Only good stuff are Kubrow mods and forma bps but they’re only in the third cache, at the lowest drop rate.

”Oh boy I can’t wait to use this entire segment of the game that DE added literally 13 updates ago and certainly hasn’t been depreciated.” Then common resources drop on the third cache. I think my best runs at that mission were, 7 minutes? I didn’t have an completely optimized load out so if you had a potato’d, max range Limb to nuke all the enemies and caches you might be able to cut it down to 4~ minutes. But even if you’re running that mission at 4 minutes for days, it’ll be weeks of doing nothing but that until you get what you want.

So if you can’t use the Earth Sabotage node for farming Kubrow mods, why is it in the game? Frankly, it has no reason to exist. New players can’t cache hunt effectively without taking an hour on a mission, veteran players have no use for the rewards. The anti-toxin crap doesn’t even have a rewards list on the wiki last I checked and someone posted about taking the time to actually make an anti-toxin, and ended up with common resources for his trouble. I did one time make a thread demanding the cache rewards be overhauled, I got two white knights, one who said the game was fine and I’m the one who needs to change, and one who was convinced that because he got every Kubrow mod by luck and buying them, there were absolutely no problems with the system.

Drahk Farm-

So I want to go over this one again. I don’t claim to know how the math works for loot drops in this game so I’m not going to bother with the calculations. But even with a mod booster, Hydroid/Khora, Nekros, Ivara, whatever loot frame set up, farming for the mods directly still isn’t that great. One, even with that many drop chance boosters, you’re still taking a ridiculously low percentage chance and trying to triple it or something. Second, you need a group working with you that’s willing to leave Drahk Masters alive so they can summon Kubrows. Drahk Masters, the annoying enemies with decent armor who steal weapons constantly and summon in more annoying enemies to deal with and thus should have a shoot on sight policy? Yeah those Drahk Masters. Have fun trying to get a group to agree to that. Overall, farming Drahks would be better than Earth Sabotage, but requires an entire team to agree on one goal, and still has a low success rate.

Buying the mods off market-

Okay so here’s the last part of my original post revisited. Accelerated Deflection or whatever, shield recharge for Kubrows, worthless. Don’t bother buying it unless you want completion, and it drops the most frequently out of all the mods so eventually, by sheer luck a Drahk will drop it. I hope. Link Shields. Useful, goes for around 11-13p I think, price might’ve gone up. Link Health, Link Armor, 14-18p or something, more expensive than Link Shields. Maul, 20p or so, slightly more expensive than link health. Bite. 30p if you’re lucky, 50p when I bought it. Good luck with that one. So if you wanted to acquire, the literal most basic companion mods to make them work, you’re looking at 80p minimum. Without Bite, which is so expensive because it vastly increases damage, 50p minimum. Yeah. An entire companion type, unusable without shelling out 50p. Great, isn’t it?

Oh and, all of the basic mods are R10, so if you want to use them that’s like, 20k endo 1mil credits for Bite, 40k endo 2mil credits for maul and all three link mods. My math might be wrong, but it’s a lot. It also means you’ll need a reactor for every Kubrow to fit those one. And then Forma if you want to use any other mods.

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The only mission that rewards Link Mods, Maul, and Bite is an Earth Sabotage node that rewards them at around 1% I think. Link Mods, Maul, and Bite also drop from Drahks, and Feral Kubrows. Not Hyekkas. Dropping them at around 1% for Link mods, 0.1% (one in ten thousand) for Maul, and 0.01% (one in ten hundred thousand) for Bite. I might be wrong about the percentages, but extremely low.

So what can you do? Well, you can try participating in Grineer Survival farming and hoping you’ll be able to boost that drop rate, and hope your allies leave the Drahk Masters alive. Or you can get lucky. Or you can farm plat and buy them off the market.

Or use your Sentinel mods that affect stats and hope a what, 200 armor 400 health Kavat can tank a hit where a Corrupted Butcher hits for like, 100 at Sortie levels? Until you can Maul or Bite, I’d use the Kavat attack mods, particularly Sharpened Claws and the reach one, to make up for the lackluster damage somewhat.

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