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Improve communication to newer players


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There are a number of newer players who have started out wanting to give this game a go because they either:

  1. See myself or other veteran players doing fun stuff such as flying our own space ship or fighting giant spiders, etc.
  2. Read articles that depict players being able to do a bunch of appealing activities

Intuition would be recognising that if you set someone up to believe they can do a bunch of things when in reality most of this is late game content .. things will take a turn for the worst

The new full of energy player goes to kick off Mission 2 but... unfortunately, "Please complete the quest 1 to do mission 2".. they look up how to do the quest 1... "Please complete Quest 3 to do quest 1".. how do I do quest 3?  "Please complete Quest 4 to do quest 3" and on it goes for quite a long chain of similar.

Abandonment at this point should be the expected outcome (which it almost always is from everyone I've seen play). You can try to explain to them that it's just a few quests or that it's late game content but they're not being told this anywhere.. they're seeing videos with players flying their own spaceships around, doing tons of really fun things and they want to enjoy this stuff as well.

So what could be done to help reduce this problem:

  • The issue presents most often when you get a mix of newer players with veteran players so
    • Allow anyone to join missions regardless of pre-requisites, provided the host meets all requirements.
      • If archwing is a pre-requisite, the host can share a spare arching with the player for that mission
      • If kuva farming, the host can deal with things that require 

        Going into human form

      • If it's a sortie, only qualifying players get the rewards, but all players and come along
      • etc.
  • Improve the way these activities are being communicated
    • Make it clear that this stuff is end game
    • Make it obvious that the players doing them aren't brand new but have been playing for some time where applicable
    • Focus more on activities new players can do immediately
  • Make all quests co-op so players that want to "enjoy" the quest experience solo can.. but those that just want to get to Mission X can bring a few friends along

At the end of the day, a player who quits early isn't bringing in any platinum.. so what does DE prefer.. no platinum or less platinum purchases because the player rushed a lot of content?

Perhaps there's another way to deal with it as well... what about removing quest grind walls, making them optional activities that unlock some trivial rewards instead of heavily marketed content.

Well there it is, this is a little more feedback, hopefully something can be done about it but expectations at this point are a little below average given this isn't the first thread like this I've created or seen others create.. but here's to hoping 🙂 🙏

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I agree with the quests thing. Noobs should be locked out from hydron or ESO until they finish up those quests. Anyone who ever tried to guide noobs to higher arts of grind could vouch that those users would rather spend few days lvleing up their stuff over there than few hours of quests and unlocking arbitrations/kuva/sorties/second pair of arcane slots/breeding smeeta.



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