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Second Wind Should Work With Reflection.


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For all of you who don't know what these mods do, let me give quick descriptions.


Second wind is a melee mod that gives stamina with every melee kill.


Reflection is a Warframe mod that reflects 96% damage back to enemies while blocking.



Although reflection sounds good, it is not a viable equivalent to other defensive mods such as redirection which requires absolutely no effort to use correctly. Block drains stamina, and does to intercept projectiles from behind. By allowing second wind to restore stamina when reflection kills enemies, reflection would become a plausible alternative to redirection. The Dev's have mentioned wanting different kinds of builds that are all equally viable. I think this would be a good start.

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Blocking needs to be changed before the mods are changed.


Here is how I think blocking should be changed:


-Holding your melee in a blocking position should NOT drain stamina (I don't understand why it does now, if you do, please tell me)

-When blocking, you should take NO damage when standing still, and -50% damage when moving (The idea being that if you're still you'll be able to more effectively deflect bullets)


Then the mods:


-Make Reflection max at 100% (Because 96% just straight bugs me)

-Add a frame mod that blocks an additional +10/20/30/40/50% damage when moving (Possible name: "Advancing Guard")


I think after changes like this are met, your idea would make plenty sense and be an effective alternative to the current Tank build.

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