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Mastery Rank display under Profile doesn't match defacto standard


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I have noticed there appears to be a standard with regards to how accomplishments are displayed in the UI with one notable exception.

Everything displays "x/y" (e.g. 0/3, 1/3, 2/3, etc. or as showing with regards to faction 8000/8000, 5500/8000, etc) with the exception of the Mastery Rank.

Under Profile, Mastery Rank is displayed in the UI with "Next Rank: [rank] in z" rather than either "Next Rank: [rank] x/y" or "Next Rank: [rank] x of y" (where z=y-x).   I don't need things "easy" but wonder why a counter-intuitive display was chosen for this unique area.   It seems to me this is something that leads to confusion and could very-easily be fixed.

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