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Some Suggestions for Dojos 3.0


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As it says in the title and speaking as a dojo architect with some experience, I'd like to offer a few suggestions for improving Dojo planning / building / customizing and the overall dojo visual experience.


It would be nice to be able to multi-select objects and align them along their edges/faces/centers to make it easier to align tubes and catwalks.

"Blocking" rules when placing decorative objectives could stand to be amended a bit. It's annoying to have one piece of decoration restricting the player's ability to move other pieces of decoration, which necessitates moving other pieces. Again, this can be needlessly time consuming and frustrating.

With regards to ramps and catwalks, I'd like them to be able to properly honor lighting rules and cast appropriate shadows. Ramps do this, but catwalks at present don't. More options for catwalk / balcony railings would also be appreciated.

With regard to lighting decorations, it would be nice to see them actually function as light sources if that's possible.

I'd also like to see some older decorations get a texture / materials overhaul. A number of them haven't aged very well. In the case of the Tenno catwalk system, some of the textures match up badly.

Some additional decorations would also be nice, such as wall corner sections that accommodate wall sections that have baseboards and trim, curved wall sections, and more flooring options separate from catwalk sections and flipped wall sections.

Laying out / constructing rooms:

The Clan Hall dependencies ought to be removed. If a player has the resources, just allow them to build a Greatest Hall if they want to.

Allow rooms to be either Removed or Destroyed. A room that is Removed is stored in a vault / archive without refunding materials and cost. A Removed room can then be restored from the archive, taking 1 hour to do so. It would also be nice to see the room destruction timer reduced to 1 hour as well. This would make re-planning an existing dojo far less time consuming.

With regard to specific rooms, could we have the ability to stack elevators so that they can access more than one level? If not, elevators with multiple floor options would be nice to have.

As others have suggested before, a better means of planning and laying out Dojos is needed, especially when you have multi-level rooms such as the Dry Dock. We shouldn't have to rely on an outside source to do this.


Small "blank slate" rooms would make for really nice extensions to multi-door Clan Halls in case players want to create smaller rooms without having to subdivide a large Hall and so on.

Note: If there's something about this topic you don't agree with, don't just hate on it: That doesn't help anyone here. If there are suggestions that aren't helpful, say what they are and most importantly why they're not helpful.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to discuss and contribute.

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Yes, I'd love a blank slate room. Just a garden sized room with standard walls and a blank floor. I've been wanting to create an Arcade in my dojo. Being able to build one Clan Hall and be done would also be a great improvement. As it stands, having all of my Clan Halls in a Straight Row is kind of annoying. Either an upgrade system, or as you stated in OP, just allowing the clan to build it outright. Making the Clan Halls equal would also be possible, and Either tying the size to the Clan size, or making Clan Hall size completely optional would be fantastic. I'd also love to be able to use metallic coloring in the polychrome.

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Being able to move existing rooms, maybe in an all at once overview mode for warlords, would be nice for sure. Especially if they retain their decor. 

Blank slate rooms sounds like a really good idea. There's only so much you can do with a floored-over garden or cutting up a big room. 


A few other suggestions, to add onto this topic:

Special snapping for items intended to be connected to another item like a catwalk, pipe, railing, and so on. Like surface snapping but for specifically stuff like catwalks. 

The ability to control the intensity of fog in polychrome would be nice. Some colors are a bit more intense as fog and some aren't intense enough. Maybe to go along with whenever the new rendering tech hits the game in its final state, after the opt-in period. 

A lot of things need a texture pass like you said, but I think metals need a new pass because not everything is back to how it was before that one update that changed how metal renders.

More rooms with windows and skyboxes would be appreciated. What would be especially nice is getting a legitimate way to decorate outside without having to force a teleporter outside. 

We need the ability to renamed teleporters after they are built, and maybe to organize them in ways besides alphabetically/numerically. 

Being able to preview unbuilt decorations all at once like the way polychrome can be previewed currently would help.

It would also be nice if dojo decorations based on things in reworked/new tilesets were added every now and then. The Corpus category could benefit from Orb Vallis and Gas City decorations, for example. 

Also we need the ability to determine where people spawn in clan halls, so people aren't spawning inside decorations or underneath things. 

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