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Yet more thoughts about Railjack

(XBOX)Ancient Mutt

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As we can all probably guess, Railjack is a hot topic for good and bad points. There are other topics for specific grumbles and suggestions, I just wanted to note down my own collective thoughts and offer them for discussion for anyone perhaps interested to do so!

I've done most of mine; I've got Mark III gear equipped and I'm rank 5 intrinsics... now I'm just relaxing and any increase that happens is done casually and not necessarily on purpose. The gameplay is enjoyable; I get to an asteroid to cover my underbelly while making sure artillery and explosives can poke out over the top... then I just let the swarm come to me. Mark III APOC mops up the fighters fairly well and I can finish off the crewships later with my MKIII Cryophon followed up by warhead-slingshot (or an artillery blast if I don't have time). I never use munitions (Xbox button RB), they seem way too weak for the expense and I don't top them up at dock because there's always one idiot Public passenger who fires them all at nothing! 

The resource grind after the battle is relaxing... but it gets old and boring. I understand the need to hunt for that extra bit of titanium or whatever drops you need, but I'd love to be able to equip spare resource Extractors into the railjack with me (12 maximum), then tell them to go hunt (and possibly multiply). You know, the Extractors you send out across the regular map when a planet's completed?

The concept:
Click a button in the pilot's menu to send out an Extractor and watch it use simple mining lasers to blast resources, vacuum them up, head back to the railjack, deposit the resource, go back out to another resource, blast it, bring it back, repeat until it cannot detect more within a nominal range, then return to railjack storage for healing and recharge.

A nice extra challenge: if the canon batteries also respawned and slowly multiplied across the asteroid field if left unchecked... this would balance the Extractor inclusion if a canon battery were able to shoot them out. It would be up to us as crew to keep an eye out for respawning canon batteries so that we don't lose our Extractors. I remember seeing asteroids with yellow blisters... If they were left unpopped, maybe those asteroids could host the respawning canons? (I have a sneaky suspicion this is intended by the game designers but it's not quite developed yet and there's probably enough on their to-do list already!)

Aesthetics are cool. I've noticed that the Railjack image quality climbing over the past month or so, too, but the Railjack's internal and external customisation seems lacking. I'd like to be able to change colours for ALL of the components. There's an issue with the drift sequence, too, but again I know there are other topics here all about Railjack troubles. 

Overall, I love the Railjack and I'm quite happy to do the polishing... I'll be happier when it gets better.

I've just had another thought; are the development teams slowing down because there's a new console war about to start? I'm wondering if they're already working on new Warframe stuff for the new consoles coming out? I hope they do carry over to the newer Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo technology - who knows - Warframe (Railjack especially) would be cool with the new VR headsets and suits coming out, too!

Side note: Oh wow... can you imagine dressing as Atlas Prime as a VR suit?? Or Ember?? Or [insert ANY warframe here]??????

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