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Active Weapon Rework


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First thing i have to say, Yes, there are plenty of things that DE should focus on and Yes i understand what i am sharing is not a priority for most people.

The second thing i have to say, You are loved...

Third thing... I enjoy warframe so what i am sharing isn't because i want to make a revolution but because i have time to make a post.


Content-Active Weapons

For the uneducated and unaware our weapon have a category that designates the method of firing the weapon uses.

Active in such category, and while i may be shooting myself in the foot with my previous statement of uneducated and unaware there are like 3 weapons that fall in this category.

Sancti Castanas



The gist of this weapon is you throw them on an enemy, wall, or object and then you detonate them. I love this concept... (There are pros like crit and proc but those are the weapons procs and cons this will include fire rate and reload speed... I count damage because this is an overall good trait these weapons have)

The pros are: control, AoE, and High damage

The cons are: require two steps, self-damage, bad interaction with certain mod type (multi-shot), flight speed, low accuracy, bad visibility, limited active count, and while the weapon may be in the spectrum of silent type with the current way enemy ai work it doesn't do much for the weapon.



Now my rework idea divides itself into two parts. The first part is the discussion of the cons and what should need to go and why.

The second part is upgrades and adjustment that may make this weapon more useful

-----PART 1

To start this off removing the limited active weapon attachment count... This is detrimental to the weapon in two aspects. The first being with many enemies coming at you once if you shoot X amount of time you, you can't shoot no more even if you have still have ammo. The second aspect is that because of limitation & how multi-shot mods work, the extra projectile is counted for the limited active count.

This feature is annoying, not only does it limit what you can do with your gameplay but the ability this weapon could display. This is more of a nerf for pvp and there i understand why it's a good idea there. That's why for me this needs to go and is the main thing that i feel hold this weapon type back so much.

Next on the list Self-Damage, this isn't to bad in itself especially with this being a remote detonation type weapon... But when you add bad visibility of the projectile and bad accuracy this feature hurt a lot. I would say hear fix one of the issues or the other because the weapon needs it.

Finally the weapon interaction with silence and stealth. This weapon needs something to hear because of is nature of the two-step method to attack it will always alert the enemy or enemies one way or another. I don't even know what to say here because this a problem where the weapon interactive mechanism no longer is able to work with the updated AI alert and unaware system. This causes it to lose is the property of being a silent remote detonation weapon because Ai registers do initial hits, you cant use this as stealth weapons like before.

---------PART 2

Now, to update this weapon with some upgrades i got two ideas... One gives the weapon an effect when they are on a target.

Slow, force proc: magnetic, disarm enemies or any of this harmless effect we do have that don't cause damage.

Second upgrade is on kill switch they have a mini pull of nearby enemy, this will make sure that even if you are setting stuff up on walls and ground that there is a small assist (not freaking wormhole) that will help you get the damage on the enemy


I know this doesn't need immediate attention but is a welcome idea and change.

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PART 1: Weakness:

 + Limited number of projectiles (extra from Multishot counted).

 + Can hardly see thrown projectiles, may KABOOM ourselves.

 + Annoying new AI alert, enemies are alerted on getting hit by projectiles, which makes throw-and-trigger bombs harder to do stealth.

PART 2: Rework suggestion:

 + Remove projectiles limitation.

 + Fix the projectiles, make it more visible to avoid KABOOM ourselves.

 + Add some procs: slow, disarm, etc.

 + Pull enemies a little closer on detonation (????) Uh... What ??


I personally did not know that these weapons can be attached on enemies unalert (even according to wiki). But from what you mentioned, it seems that is no longer viable.

I'd prefer the fix on projectiles spread while using multishot. That way I can manage better.

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Honestly, I wouldnt mind DE dropping another type of those while adding some of the things you talked about to existing: for example, stun is already applied on Castanas in a form of electric proc, but I do wish the proc itself, not only on that weapon, stunned for its full duration, or at least a little longer than it does now.

By new weapons I mean maybe some sentient type that had a DElayed detonation, when you activate it, it creates a minivauban vortex for like 1.5s and then explodes.

And here is another idea, a mod that adds +dmg, +cc, +sc, and not a small amount of thit at that, after a set duration of not having been detonated, leaving you with more modspace for more planning.

Ow hi Synpai.

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1 hour ago, Diangelius said:

.+ Pull enemies a little closer on detonation (????) Uh... What ??

Basically when you trigger the weapon a small little pull occurs that pulls enemy towards the located projectile. Epicenter of the detonation

Thanks for the summary

1 hour ago, Synpai said:


Thank for the support

1 hour ago, Xardis said:


Thank you too

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just getting rid of self damage on them would be nice. I'm fine with it on Launchers because they are powerful and have good projectile velocity, but with Thrown AoE Secondaries - Castanas and Talons at least - you have a short range, les velocity and with Multishot it's all to easy to kill yourself. this is why the only weapon of this type you'll ever see being used is, you guessed it, the Pox, because they are highly effective but don't punish the user.

remove Self damage on the other two weapons and you'd see an increase in people using them.

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