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Mobile Codex Access


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Overall I gotta say the Mobile App is a job well fone, as it covers most most of the stuff you can do aboard the orbiter.

It is also a great way to stay in touch when abroad, without access to your(/a) machine with wf.

However, one (big to small) point of bother i have:

The lore is not accessible. This is espacially bothersome, since right now one has to decide wether to indulge in the lore (while in game) or to unlock it by gaming, to be studied at another dste which may never come, since gaming will prob. have priority.

My suggestion to this would be, to allow access to the unlocked law in the mobile app, possibly - including e.g ordis sound files- but excuding the animation as they are played.

This would allow for a more direct approach, to unlock the lore at ur gaming times and to dig into it while on the move to your everyday busniss, say on train or bus.

Anyway, thanks a bunch, it helped a lot as i was 3 days fresh in game, found a clan and went on holiday for 3 straight weeks right after 🙂


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I take everything on my critics back, claiming the direct opposite!

Found that one can study the wf lore at least regarding unlocked wf's, provided one has scanned the propper fragments + brought them to lvl 30.

However the other lore regarding fragments (enviroment, gear and so on) are still missing.

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I wish for a more complete codex too. I'm currently searching codex entries on caves and wish to know what I manage so far, but can't.

Codex is fundamental for planning, please DE, make it more complete.


And tks for this wonderful game and app, great job and hope the best for you all DE.

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