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Dokhram not using proper grip stance with skins


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So, even though it's a Heavy Blade weapon and uses Heavy Blade skins, it still tries to hold itself like a hammer or scythe and that causes issues with the skins it can use.


As can be see, the right hand doesn't even touch the hilt of the weapon. Which, kinda sucks cause in the arsenal it certainly uses an appropriate grip




Either it needs to swap to the proper heavy blade stance when it uses a skin or they need to increase the length of the hilt to make the scythe/hammer stance make sense. Please DE? I've been wanting to use this Zaw but the inability to use my favorite Graxx skin on it was a huge negative and now that I can we get this issue.

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Update: the issue happens also with the first ability of Baruuk, I don't know if it's a different issue or if it's part of the same:


well if I could spin it grabbing the sugatra it will be so Bleach like 😁


Also if you put it visible when holstered it's lower than the heavy blades with the same skin

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