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Show Rotation tiers on Reward Screens/Banners


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Upon getting a reward from endless missions such as Defense/interception etc, show the Rotation reward tier under the item instead of the tick in the box EG:



Or if it's part of a survival reward pool, show it in the banner EG:



This will help newer players understand the rotation system in the game as it does not inform the player anywhere of these rotations.

Had a new clan member than was running Sanctuary Onslaught for 7hours non stop for a Khora BP, but they were only going to Wave 6 each time because he did not know how rotations worked, he heard about "the A/B/C thing" but thought it was on a A/B/C/A/B/C..... rotation not an A/A/B/C so this small addition to the UI would be greatly beneficial to newer players.

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