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Saturn, Pandora near impossible


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The archwing mission on Saturn, the node being Pandora. Is so tedious to do for the first time. I've actually went past this particular node to just go along with the story. It wasn't until I tried itself solo, out of boredom, 2 times, both of which failed. Another being me and another random who I joined on global. It was difficult and tedious, even repetitive by the amount of missiles that flew out of this thing as well as it's maneuvers. This also failed, I gave it another 2 days to which I asked in recruitment chat, and instantly had 5-7 people say that they would help, which I'm thankful for. 

But the amount of difficulty, on this particular node, so early is uncalled for. For me trying it solo, It'd clip through asteroids, wreckage and ultimately go out of bounds which was what counted as the mission failures I had before.

I've modded my Archgun as much as possible being a simple crit build, even with that, this mission was so tedious to do during your chase with the courier that when it finally slows down right out of bounds, either lotus says she'll have ordis evac you, or ordis gives a notification that your leaving the mission area and evac you. It doesn't matter where you blink to back into the main area or are right next to the ship he will pull you out, and fail the mission.

The pilot of the courier ship is on par with Han Solo, with it being able to strafe sideways, or even backwards at some points all whilst clipping through wreckage and asteroids. When you finally do drop the engines, which surprisingly don't do damage to it's overall health, that you have to destroy it's shield generators makes it even more tedious because, with the clipping and speed paired with the AI on the ship itself just makes more difficult than it should be. Aside from that issue, is the missile turret, even if you do drop the engines, if you don't focus on that turret in particular it's near impossible to even get away with 20% health left. The amount of missiles that come out of the ship when you break it's engines are unreal. No warning as to whether they're tracking you or not, you just blow up.

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I had an issue where it went out of bounds and didn't come back. As someone who gets bad motion sickness there is no way I can do this on my own. I've tried 5 times now, with help twice, to no luck. The irritating fact is even though the engines are disabled the ship keeps MOVING and your targets are tiny and your own manueverability in archwing is S#&$. This has me so upset. Games are one of the few things I can usually do despite my disabilities, and I cannot do this one because it has twice now started to give me a migraine and made me motion sick.

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