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New Enemies, More Fun Fights?


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Well whether or not DE and I had the same idea for a new Grineer enemy that can break your back(although mine was a little different), the idea still came to exist and it’s gotten me imagining even more.

For starters my idea for a back breaking Grineer was more like he leaves your warframe temporarily paralyzed for a short period which can be bad solo playing. But you could still exit the warframe as your Tenno until they recover. Umbra would continue to shoot or use howl. 

Now the Grineer enemy I was picturing of was more of a bulkier sort of bane of grineer kind of description. The Wolf helped to some degree. But basically picture a more bulkier and taller grineer(not as tall as the Wolf). Completely armored like a smaller hulk buster. Wields the Korrudo. Wears a unique breathing mask similar to the Wolf but slightly more advanced and has several tubes that connect to his chest, maybe his back as well. Bald head with half of his face burnt. I would draw him but designing the grineer armor is kind of difficult. Been actually trying to find professional artists who wouldn’t mind drawing for me but so far no luck. So I can only hope your imagination is as strong as mine. Mine can’t even be turned off, which gets pretty bad if people say some inappropriate things to me. 

But his origin was basically he was a unique clone or breed of Grineer. One that was physically superior to most. He trained and such to be stronger and eventually his physical capabilities sort of gone to his head. He began to think he should be boss or at least one of the top grineer. He practically challenged Ruk which leads to him getting severely burned. The armor he wears doesn’t just enhance his physical capabilities like other grineer, but mainly it’s used as a sort of life support system. He uses the Korrudo cause he likes to pummel his enemies. Even go as far as breaking their backs. And unlike most grineer, he is really good at multiple forms of martial arts. So basically he can switch to different fighting stance mods. 

Now how does one fight him? Well I was thinking that he has some sort of resistance to projectiles of any sort, even thrown melees. Like a huge resistance. Where melees are the only true way to damage him. After his health is dropped to a certain degree the player runs up to him and initiates the animation like that of the exploiter orb having its parts ripped off. But player cuts, rips, or just simply damages certain part of his suit. But similar to the liches, you need a specific combo to pull it off or else have your back damaged and be left paralyzed for a bit. But the combo is more button pressing within a certain short period of time. Once his health gets reduced and the animation completed, he switches to a different fighting stance and performs different moves. Eventually when his health get really low he will start fighting closer to that of Gauntlets or Fists type melees, relying on exerting more power in his punches due to having trouble running and kicking. What happens when his health hits zero is completely up to DE. I was picturing him being part of a much larger mission or event. Like maybe he is a guard for a powerful reactor and if beaten he gets knocked into it. I had an idea of him being part of a quest for a new frame but that is a different topic. 

But this is just one enemy. However, this method of fighting enemies could be implemented on multiple enemies. The grineer one I just described would just be one of a few new types of enemies for each faction that uses the same style/method. The Grineer was just an example of a possible new enemy for grineer. I am sort of picturing more for infested, like a lot more since they have the least amount of different types. With the amalgams I can see a few potential new corpus enemies that uses this method. 

Now this wouldn’t be super common. Unless DE creates a specific mission, similar to the arena on Sedna, where players fight these specific types of enemies. Otherwise they would be rarer than a Nox.

I could see some newer weapons being dropped from these specific enemies. Ones that have a sort of infinite stance mod polarity like that given to frames from an Aura Forma. Maybe a Stance Forma for all melee weapons could be provided. But they require killing all sorts of enemies with a specific weapon or stance mods equipped. Like say... Teshin, has a unique challenge almost like Nightwave but no deadlines that requires you killing a large number of enemies with either a specific weapon or with a specific stance mod(which ever DE chooses), though the former sounds much simpler, and after ranking up and gaining some sort new melee standing, a Stance Forma could be purchased which demonstrates the players melee skills. 

Just a thought. Hope to find people who are interested and willing to add more to this topic. 

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On 2020-02-06 at 1:57 PM, Lukarith said:

What Grineer unit are you referring to? I haven't heard of any new enemies being introduced yet this year. 

Well for staters when I said “new enemies” I wasn’t pointing out a recently introduced enemy. It was more like a “we need new enemies that can be fun to fight against” but shorter. Which is why I described a new kind of grineer that’s been plaguing my brain for the past 2 years. Months before liches came out, I made a new frame concept that would also include a back breaking grineer. But not to the extinct of killing the player. More like he leaves them paralyze for a bit which can also leave them vulnerable to attacks. But only the frame, while the player can still switch to their Tenno to protect their frame. Could almost hear the grineer saying something like “come out little worm” as he breaks the frame’s back, hinting that he knows about the Tenno’s true identity an all. 

But this was a concept to invite people who have ideas for new enemies that would be more tricky to kill, yet more fun to fight. Not the typical shoot and run tactic or slash and bash until one or the other dies first. Which is why the grineer example I gave is like a more complex version of Lt. Kril and the Exploiter Orb. Where you slice or rips parts of his armor off in order to truly damage him, which acts more of a life supporter than a strength enhancer. This grineer would be a rare biologically/physically enhanced soldier vs the cybernetically enhance units we are used to seeing. Which is why I gave him more of an origin that would explain how he ended up in a life support armor. 

I have ideas/visions for like a dozen new infested enemies. Considering they have the least amount of different types. I even thought of several ideas for an infested assassin. One bearing a similar appearance to Nidus but with a more bulky Juggernaut design. Even thought of an infested hammer made from juggernaut like hard shell/skin for extreme impact. And charge/heavy attacks would launch darts, quills, or bombs similar to a juggernaut that does either toxic or viral damage. 

But anyways, this post is about ideas for newer fun enemies. Cause right now even the Stalker is boring. Be nice if DE made fighting the stalker fun. Like maybe damaging him some would lead to like some epic animation fighting. Have a few visions right now on how that would look. 

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