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{Warframe Concept} Canjar, the Minion Controlling Frame


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A bit of a twist on Warframes where is secretly becomes a tower defense game. This frame is sorta more a minion summoner with some aspects of tower defense except there are no real turret towers.



Health: 75 (225 at rank 30)

Shield: 75 (225 at rank 30)

Armor: 15

Energy: 200 (300 at rank 30

Sprint Speed: 1.2

Something to note about the stats. Since he will be mostly staying out of harm's way, he's quite squishy. Direct combat will be difficult but there are some unique mechanics that allow him to attack directly from a more safe distance.


Passive: Reanimation

He can revive allies from a much longer distance and can revive multiple allies at a time as long as they can be seen by Canjar. Minions are revived twice as fast.

Has a range of 25m.

Notes: Basically, ranged revive. This will synergise with a certain ability in his kit though.



Summon 1 of 4 minions. Canjar will summon the minion automatically at the start of a mission. Whenever the minion dies, it enter bleedout. If the minion dies, it will automatically consume 5% of your max HP and revives the fallen minion. Casting this ability will make the minion change its form. Holding the ability will despawn the minion until allowed to return (by holding the ability down). This does not cost anything and will fully heal the minion when summoned again. This will also automatically revive the minion but will consume some energy. All minions can only take 1 damage from all sources.

Notes: HP Scales with Power Duration

1st Minion: Tank Minion

This minion will draw aggro and take damage. Upon switching to this minion, it will grant Canjar a brief moment of invincibility.


HP: 35/40/45/50

Draws aggro in a 10/15/20/25m area.

Invincibility lasts 3 seconds and does not scale with Power Duration.

2nd Minion: Slow Minion

This minion will have significantly less HP but will slow all enemies near it. Upon switching to this minion, enemies near it are briefly frozen in place. If it enters bleedout, the slow will have double the effect.


HP: 12/14/16

Slows all enemies by 10/15/20/25% (scales with Power Strength)

Deals 10/15/20/25 Cold Damage per second (scales with Power Strength)

Freeze lasts 3 seconds and does not scale with Power Duration.

Has a range of 10/15/20m (scales with Power Range)

3rd Minion: Assassin Minion

This minion has a lot of damage. It also has a copy of Canjar's equipped melee weapon along with the mods it has on it. Upon switching to this minion, remove all defenses (armor, shields and defense buffs) of enemies near it. Will occasionally turn invisible.


HP: 14/21

Deals damage based on melee weapon plus 10/15/20/25% damage boost. (Scales with Power Strength)

Invisibility lasts 10/15 seconds (Scales with Power Duration)

Enemies will have their defenses removed for 3 seconds upon switching to this minion in a 10/15m radius. This does not scale with Power Duration but does scale with Power Range.

 4th Minion: Healer Minion

This minion heals allies over time. Upon switching to this minion, allies near it will receive 100% additional healing from all sources. This minion will always follow Canjar and can fly.


HP: 15

Heals 30 HP per second. (Scales with Power Strength)

Healing buff lasts 30 seconds. (Scales with Power Duration)

Has a 50m range.

Costs 25 Energy. There is a 1.5 second delay between each cast.

Notes: This ability is his only minion ability. The rest of his kit revolves around this ability and the different minions. Not really on the minions themselves but the type of minion summoned affects the abilities he can use. He's basically a frame with 4 sets of abilities.



Teleports your minion to you after 2 seconds. Warping the minion will allow your minion to perform special attacks. They will also be restored to max HP.



Tank Minion will be summoned below a target if you target an enemy. It will come out of the portal and knock up any enemies nearby.

Deals 150/200/250/300 Blast damage. (Scales with Power Strength)

Has a range of 6/9/12/15m




Slow Minion will be summoned on top of a target and will latch on to the target and steal their health.

Heals itself by 1 HP per second. (Does not Scale)

Lasts 4/5/6/7 seconds or up to 2/3/4/5 hits. (Scales with Power Duration)




Assassin Minion will be summoned behind the target and will dash through targets in a straight line and inflict damage. Enemies hit will bleed.

Inflicts 100/115/130/145% of your melee weapon's damage.




Healer Minion will be summoned and shot through the portal. Enemies it hits will create a pulse that will heal all nearby allies.

Heals 25/30/35/40 HP per enemy hit. (Scales with Power Strength)

Has a radius of 10/15/20/25m


Costs 50 Energy.

Notes: This ability is basically your minion's first trick. It will allow you to actually control your minion in a sense. It's the only ability that does this too so, use it as you see fit. 



Cast an ability based on the minion summoned. The effects all have the same duration.


When the Tank Minion is summoned, create a wall in front of you that will block enemy movement and all damage instances.

Lasts 12/17/22/27 seconds. (Scales with Power Duration)

Has a width of 10/15/20/25m. (Scales with Power Range). Will fit with the width of the map.


When the Slow Minion is summoned, release a shockwave that will knockdown all nearby enemies around you.

Deals 1000/1250/1500/1750 Blast Damage. (Scales with Power Strength)

Has a range of 15/18/21/24m. (Scales with Power Range)


When the Assassin Minion is summoned, create many copies of your melee weapon to attack all at once.

Weapons deal 100% of melee weapon damage (with combo counter included). They can all crit.

Summons up to 2/3/4/5 copies that will each target 1 enemy. If there are not enough enemies, this ability will summon less copies. Targets the closest targets. (Scales with Power Strength)

Has a range of 50m. (Scales with Power Range)


When the Heal Minion is summoned, cleanse all nearby allies of status effects and grants them immunity to status effect and nullification effects.

Lasts 10/14/18/22 seconds. (Scales with Power Duration)

Has a range of 25m. (Scales with Power Range)

Costs 75 Energy

Notes: Show off the fact that you can utilize their power and create better versions of them. This ability adds quite a bit of survivability to Canjar and can create some interesting situation.



Infect nearby enemies around you and slowly mutate them into infested creatures. Based on the minion summoned, the enemy will turn into the minion's thrall and serve your minion.

Tank Minion: Enemies infected will mutate to draw the attention of your enemies. Tank Thralls will draw aggro but will still be able to attack you. However, they will not be able to attack other enemies.

Slow Minion: Enemies infected will mutate to grow floral appendages that will spread slow spores in the air. Slow Thralls will slow surrounding enemies but will still attack you.


Slows enemies by 10/15/20/25%. (Scales with Power Strength)

Assassin Minion: Enemies infected will mutate to grow whip like limbs. Assassin Thralls' limbs will flail about and strike enemies around it and inflict damage.


Deals 70/80/90/100 Slash damage to all nearby enemies and has 100% chance to proc slash. (Scales with Power Strength and mods on your melee weapon) Triggers every 5 seconds.

Heal Minion: Enemies infected will slowly mutate and grow extra legs that are shaped like walls. Healer Thralls will protect the Healer Minion and any incoming damage the minion takes will be dealt to the thralls.

All mutations last 17/19/21/25 seconds. (Scales with Power Duration)

All mutations spread in a 10/14/18/22m radius and have a 9/18/27/36m effective range. (Scales with Power Range)

Costs 100 Energy.

Notes: A very powerful ability that can create a lot of havoc and chaos. It's effective range means the effects range like how close the thralls need to be for the Healer Minion to drop off the damage at them. Probably too powerful but this frame is heavily AI reliant, I don't know if this is enough.

Conclusion: There you have it. A minion controlling(?) frame with the ability to abuse and form a health relationship with the minions. I spent too much time making this concept. I hope people like it because I feel that this would definitely be fun at least.

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