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@DE how to fix Requiem Relics and improve the loot system in general


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Requiem relics in their current state are... just S#&$. Despite making up just 13% of the relics, requiem relics make up over 50% of the unrefined relics in Warframe (i'm sorry I couldn't resist). The only reason people open them is for the requiem mods. The "rare" drop from them is hardly worthwhile and a majority of players will even go for the common drops over it. Considering these are by far the highest level relics the potential rewards from opening them shouldn't be crap and they should be farmed for more general use rather than just for Kuva Lichs.  Another thing to note is that besides the mods, all of the drops are the same for every relic. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing though if the loot table was changed so that the rewards were both relevant and generally useful for higher (ranked/seasoned/veteran/leveled? wtf do we call ourselves? Oh yeah, deranged) players.

Before we even begin, exilus weapon adapters shouldn't be on relics in the first place: Remove these things from the relics and make them more acquirable through stuff like invasions or whatever the warframe adapters drop/sell from. While weapon adapters are useful and catered towards the more deranged players, they aren't used nearly enough to put on AN ENTIRE SERIES of relics.

Make relic packs the rare drop from requiem relics: Relic packs are actually amazing for this role. While the loot table is practically the same for all requiem relics, relic packs give 3 random relics and always give 1 rarer relic. This is something any player would want, especially the highly deranged players that would open requiem relics. Something really big to note is that relic packs give all 4 relic types lith/meso/neo/axi meaning that by getting packs from cracking requiem relics you are supplying yourself with void traces and relics of every tier. People often run out of (especially newer or recently unvaulted) lith and meso relics because they only drop from dull and completely boring low level missions which wouldn't need to be grudgingly farmed as much if relic packs were even slightly more available.

Editted in later: The rare drop could also just be a random radiant upgraded relic. Or a forma pack, or 3 forma blueprints or something.

Make void traces a drop from requiem relics: This somewhat follows in supporting the relic pack change along with standing it's own ground. Normally if a person wanted relic packs from the first change they would need to refine relics in order to do so, which would feel like S#&$ if you didn't get the relic pack since it means you would need to refine more relics that can give relics that you want to refine, catch my drift? This problem is completely solved and more if the requiem relics also gave void traces as an (common or uncommon) drop. If you spent void traces on the relic aiming for the relic pack you could still get something similar to a refund if you rolled the void traces, However if you didn't refine the relic and rolled void traces you could even majorly profit. This would turn requiem relics into an amazing way to refill your void traces allowing you to refine more of and even gain a few new relics!

The only thing left to figure out is where to put the void traces on the drop table. The first option is as an common drop that gives 25-50 extra void traces, but what would they replace? Riven shards are honestly a small, but nice addition to the game adding a slow but sure way to acquire veiled riven mods. The kuva... they're literally kuva relics. The amber star is probably the least taken reward anyways and i don't think people would miss it much. The second option is as an uncommon drop that gives 100 extra void traces which isn't as simple, but numerically more reasonable. Firstly, since an uncommon spot would need to be freed the amount of requiem relics would double to 8 resulting in each mod having it's own unique relic. At first this doesn't seem like the better option, but take into account a few things; If the relics are being refined and farmed to get the relic pack or at least more void traces, the uncommon drops would be seen a lot (especially in multiplayer when there are 4 rolls to pick from) which would result in more requiem mods appearing simply due to requiem relics being upgraded and opened more often. Another thing to note is that with the changes DE is currently doing to Kuva Lichs, players will be grinding and killing WAY less Lichs for their desired weapons. It wouldn't be strange either if requiem relics were made acquirable from more than just kuva missions in the future especially if a change like this went through.

Change the common drop amber star to a "twin stars" or another drop entirely: This is probably the most basic idea here, but honestly I never see anybody choose these things. If the reward gave an amber AND a cyan star it might be taken more. It could also be changed to something else entirely like the before mentioned void traces or something else like a railjack thingy or something as long as it's worth even considering.


So yeah. My idea is for requiem relics to be used for more general late game farming and not just be some sort of "island content" resource that DE is to prone to making and leaving. Any thoughts on a change like this going live? Would you appreciate or at least use these requiem relics if they worked like this? Any other ideas for changes to them? How many times did I type "more" in this post (a lot more than before I rephrased half the damn thing)? Have any other feedback you want to give? Preferably constructive. Memes will always be acceptable too. Have a good day you deranged people!

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You know what? Void Traces as a potential Kuva Relic drop might actually make me give a crap about the Kuva Relic inventory. Might make me run those for reasons other than my Requiem mods burned out and I need them for the next Lich. Honestly, the Void Trace grind is easily the worst, least compelling aspect of the whole Void Relic system, so having a reliable source of it would be greatly appreciated.

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5 hours ago, Steel_Rook said:

You know what? Void Traces as a potential Kuva Relic drop might actually make me give a crap about the Kuva Relic inventory. Might make me run those for reasons other than my Requiem mods burned out and I need them for the next Lich. Honestly, the Void Trace grind is easily the worst, least compelling aspect of the whole Void Relic system, so having a reliable source of it would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, having an actual method to get void traces on top of the b.s. random number generator that void traces are right now, that has trash interaction with any multipliers to boost the trace gain. Unless you can have a smeeta buff, a resource booster and some mini-fissure bonus boosters(which takes a whole 5 rounds to just get +25% when it should be +75% or even +100% on void trace gain alone per 4 rounder) up to make it a decent number.

The fact that we do not get bonus void traces based on the tier of relic considering we now have FIVE FREAKING TIERS OF RELICS, has always been a massive annoyance for me since the lack of BONUS LOOT based on mission difficulty has always pissed me off in many ways. Which maybe some enemies may drop a smidgeon more, but its likely barely any of a difference and only with kind of forgettable loot types like credits & Endo or even common type loot that any player who is not some recently new player, would likely sit on tens or even hundreds of thousands of that common loot that such a smidgeon boost is unnoticeable.

1 hour ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

Or just let us recharge requiem mods with Kuva.

This would also be nice, honestly i feel like we should only of been able to get 1 copy of each R.Mod and any extras would turn into kuva. D.E. should of seriously took a better approach to this system in general. Any excuse of it serving as a new MARKETING item has already lost any water since PS4-land itself has already been a clear sign on how poor the value it has become to spend plat to get items with the typical people trying to price gouge you if you go seeking the items and if you try to sell them yourself, people will demand them for 5 plat or less, sometimes even multiple of them.

Plus it would create a nice CONTAINED system, where no matter how many times we shank a lich, we would rotate back to the kuva farming portion to refresh the mods instead of having to completely go thru steps 1 thru 3 out of the 5 to 6 step pattern needed to take down a lich and repeat the process till we have our desired weapon (which atleast the next update will let us skip steps 2 thru 6 til we find the right weapon we actually freaking want).

Of course i would not be amazed for those that SELL kuva lich weapons, will get clucked even further as the price for them goes down since it became even more absurdly easier to acquire specific weapons and possibly ephemera also, if the thrall is going to emit a ephie before you shank them.

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