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Railjack Veil : second secondary objective never spawns


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I cannot finish standard Railjack missions in the Veil. The issue is always the same : the second secondary objective does not spawn.
At the start of a mission there will only be one yellow diamond on the screen, pointing towards the first listed secondary objective.
When I get near the location of the second secondary objective, the onboard cephalon will say his secondary-objective-lines, but the area will be closed to me - no yellow diamond, no entry point, no 'press X to enter'.

I tried the following

  1. finish both primary objective (kill X fighters/Y crewships) and first secondary objective - where I would get the green 'go to exit' icon,
  2. beeline to the first secondary objective and finish that first.
  3. beeline to the second secondary objective and try and activate it

Result is always the same : no icon for the secondary objective will spawn, I am able to locate the secondary objective, but the entry point is always closed.
This happens 100% of the times, on multiple nodes on the Veil - making it effectively impossible for me to finish normal missions in that area.

It works for two secondary objectives on Earth/Saturn. It also works for the special secondary objective 'Investigate the anomaly' with the blinking red star on the node. 

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