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Relics Refinement: favorite option & multi upgrade


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1)Option to favorite relics so they are on top, fast to click without the need to use the search bar, for every run (or just show the last used on top or the last 4 used on top)

2)Option to upgrade multiple relics at once, maybe 5 or 10 as fixed options

at the moment we select the relic, we hit upgrade, we select the refinement, we hit refine, we hit yes - 5 clicks - 25 for 5 - 50 for 10

select the relic, hit upgrade, select the refinement, select the "x5" / "x10", hit refine, hit yes - 6 for 5 -  6 for 10

  (Option for relic missions at the end: "repeat with the same relic" (but i would prefer option 1) for that)

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