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(Que Billie E Song, "Bad Guy" cause im him (sorry not sorry for cringe)) What i think warframe "needs" to be even better than it is


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(This post is going to be long because theres a lot of big problems i think needs attention in warframe 7 problems total so far. Ill try to leave out small details, and if anyone think i can shorten what was said here even more, point it out to me and ill see if i agree with you (that sounded entitled, "seeing of ill agree with you", but its my post at the end of the day, dont hate me if i disagree. Remember baby Pablos picture))

What i think defines the quality of a game is how well the game takes you away from reality, which i think is done by these 4 things:

- Connecting the player to the game through letting the player express themself
- Demamding player's attention
- Setting up a world
- Constant feeling of removing discomfort

The first thing i listed, that i feel defines the quality of a game, i think DE blew out of the water; and theres evidence of that too that so im only about to seldomly explain that one. The other 3 will go into more detail

1.) Connecting to the player through expressing themself

Have you heard about "Fashion Frame is Endgame"? Its talking about how much freedom you have to express yourself through your creativity. 40+ warframes, Pets, Robots, Cosmetics etc, you have a lot of room to show off what you like while still feeling like youre playing Warframe.

Though i still think there is room for improvement, id say this is being handled Wonderfully and is being handled at a good pace!

2.) Demanding player's attention

(With the exception of bosses) Whenever a new enemy is brought into warframe, I think it's safe to say that the first and only thing players think about is "i just have to shoot it". A good thing about the game is that it does encourage you to prioritize what youre shooting at but overall thats it. Hardly ever does fighting enemies in warframe feel "new", which weakens the amount of attention players feel being demanded of them during missions. Its easy to remember shoot and prioritize what youre shooting at, so you will get used to it quickly.

You can argue that sometimes enemies force you to have to run and hide which certainly is something that requires a bit of attention BUT the problem is the way Warframe causes that feeling, as it doesnt really demand your attention in a way that it should. When the game gets to the point where you feel you need to hide is usually the point where YOU NEED TO LEAVE. At least this is what it translates to in warframe because most players only want to keep things fast paced in warframe. Any threat that just about requires you to hide or die if you continue to keep moving at a fast upsets most players and they leave because of it. I think we've all atleast experienced leaving and doing a survival mission 2 or more times not because you were dying, but it was because the enemies started taking to long to put down and the rewards werent worth it.

The key to creating enjoyable difficulty for Warframe in my opinion, is to pressure their reflexes.

 For example, say an enemy throws a grenade near you but you couldnt hear it because of all the heavy gunfire that is being exchanged between you and enemy units, then "boom!" you blow up and die. It was near impossible for you to give the grenade your attention so that ISNT known as an attenion demanding mechanic, instead its more of a luck based mechanic thats completely out of the players control. It slows down players to greatly.

Now lets say that when the grenade falls near you, you see a transparent, orange, filled in circle beneath your warframes feet. Now that you are made sure of the grenades presence, you can FAIRLY decide if you want to give attention or not, hence what i mean about demanding ones attention. To everyone playing on phobos though good luck with noticing a orange circle 😔, players would probably need to change the color of the notification for that...

Key is to simply try to make sure that the player feels fairly notified of things while theyre on their constant assault, before delivering something that can be potentially deadly to the player, OR (if you want to get creative) missing something that was potentially good for the player 😈. Warframe can become insanely difficult, the more you pressure players reflexes like this

3.) Setting up a world

If you ask me, the world you feel like youre in when playing warframe feels pretty well defined But i think there are some things that could help players better understand it for deeper immersion into the game

There are a lot of changes going on in the warframe world, and these events are widely spread apart due to the time it must take for updates. Remembering everything going on in warframe is somewhat difficult because of this, almost to the point where i think some players feel at a lost for warframes "story". 


Two things here for the 1st problem

One, a collection of all the cutscenes that are apart of warframes main story, in the order of what happened first to last, as the player plays through quest that first introduce each cutscene. It should be found in the codex.

Now i know someone could just upload a video on youtube and players can use that to remind themselves of everything thats went down so far in Warframe,  just like the same thing can be said about TV shows that like to fill you in on what happened previously. I just think that it would be more convenient for it to be added in Warframe's Codex..... and...... yea thats all i got. It makes the codex feel more useful!

Two, a written description, slide show + dialogue, or clip filling players in about each of the characters in warframe with locked information that can only be read, listened to, and/or watched as the player does quest. It would also be found in the Codex! All for... conveniency... again... I feel like someone will think this is a stupid idea so in advance, you're a stupid dea.. 😐

4.) A constant feeling of removing discomfort.

I sort of like the way warframe handles this too. Theres tons of weapons and abilities that you have to choose from that makes removing uncomfortable situations like being surounded by 80 enemies so Satisfying. Like, ive played over 5yrs in this game, and watching enemies break into pieces or become ice scultures still hasnt gotten old to me! I mean i have even kept a picture of the time i broke my worst enemy into a bunch of frozen chunks still, it was my sist...

I think there should be more ways of removing uncomfortable situations. 

Do this by increasing the damage of an ability the longer it goes without use, hitting enemies 5 times with your melee weapon without missing lets your next charge attack not reset your combo counter, create a new that explodes if it jumps on you but if you press the melee button at the right time it will throw the enemy back and explode causing all nearby enemies to die except mini bosses and... non minin.. bosses.

Or add way to get rid of nulifuers for a few minutes as those guys can make a grown man cry!

3 other things that i think are problems with warframe:

- Initial intro to the game

- Fast and Hard changes to what people are used to.

- A feeling of being forced to participate in the fast changes.

I.) Intital introduction to the game:

I dont believe that there is a single soul that has played warframe that didnt feel like they needed additional guidance for understanding the way mods, weapons, stats, resources, aquiring warframes, etc.. works in warframe. 

This creates stress. The longer it takes for players to remove the stress, the higher the chance they have at leaving. First impressions matter.

What do i think is a good solution for this?

Offering more guidance to players. First it's about understanding what's fun about your game. Which in Warframe i believe that is:

- Experimentation

- Story

- Lore

- Getting more gear

- Clans

(- And of coures, slaughtering hoards of enemies but i doubt guidance is needed for that. Go to your navigation console and select all the flashy blue thingys.)

Then Secondly, designing a layout for the player to experience these things.

Experimentation Guide example:


Start by telling the player about a few of the different types of enemies they'll encounter on planets. Enemies like Grineer Lancers and Heavy gunners for example. Then, highlight the navigation console, then a mission node with an arrow basically saying "Click here" (something other than just making the node flash yellow or something) and tell the player to scan a grineer lancer a few times with a codex scanner once they're in the mission (keep a number somewhere to display how many scans are needed). Place an arrow on grineer Lancers to help the player know what a Lancer is. Once they do it, show them how to read about the Lancer in their codex, showing them the weakenesses and strengths of the enemy, then teach them how to mod for it. Highlight places that will give them gaurnteed mods after 2-3 trys (2 to 3 trys to show them its about luck. There is no gaurnteed drops) and use those mods to show them how the mods affect the players damage on a Grineer Lancer. Start with strengths, then weaknesses. Repeat this proccess once more with the Heavy gunner, then give them a test with a grineer Bombard.

Story Guidance:


Highlight things, one by one, that help the player progress in the story of warframe. The player should always feel like they know where to go rather then feeling like they need to figure it out (unless thats part of the story of course)

Lore Guidance:


Teach them the ways of obtaining additional lore like scanning cephalon fragments. Do it again with a little less hand holding. Test.

Getting geared up:


Weapons, pets, sentils, warframes. Dont stop guiding them with highlights and dialogue to each of these things, until they have one of each.

(My personal favorite) CLANS


Guide them until they get into a clan that they like. Guide them again if they leave and they feel needing of it.


II.) Fast Changes

One reason why a person will play a game like Assassin's Creed instead of Call of Duty, is because of the different ways the games are played. People undoubtedly have different "preferences", and the games that they play are played because the gameplay fits those preferences. 

So what do you think is going to happen when theres a MASSIVE shift to the way the game is played? 

A Quick lost of players whos preferences are no longer being satisfied AND a Slow gain of players joining the game with their preferences being satisfied in the NEW shift.

I like the open worlds that DE added and I seldomly like railjack (just as long as im not flying the ship. I do not like flying the ship at all.); however, these are changes that dont slowly build off of what players are used to. Theyre somewhat big shifts.

What were the big shifts to the way warframe is played with the new open worlds?

Mining, fishing, and all the different angles you get attacked from.

And Railjack?

Flying a big and slow spaceship, and still feeling like youre being attacked from every angle; opposed to the fast nature of the game and the single hallways creating less angles for you to be attacked from.

Aside from the angels in which you can be attacked from, these are big and Fast changes to the game that greatly detour from what players are used to when playing your game, instead of a slow change. Not big enough to make all players quit the game, but enough thats obviously gonna hurt some people

Whats worst

III.) A feeling of being forced to play it

If you want to experience the things that were upgraded in a slow way like new weapons, some of the new enemies,  and new rooms, you have to go through these somewhat big changes.

 The changes require a lot of your participation (hours) in them before you get what you want. It gets more problematic if it seems this is going to be a trend.

Okay, im done. My ideas lately have been getting a lot of dislikes lately. But hit me, i can take it, im a warrior 😲. Just dont call my ideas stupid, they have feelings and their feelings affect my feelings 😢

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