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Kuva Ayanga Riven affecting my Bow


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My Kuva Ayanga Riven mod rolled a negative Fire Rate. With Kuva Ayanga equipped in my Heavy Weapon slot (not the normal Archgun slot), that Riven's penalty is affecting my bows, increasing their charge time.

Weird part: it's not just the bows I have equipped.

When I'm selecting a Primary Weapon to equip, and click on a bow (but don't click the equip button yet, so I'm seeing the Base Stats), the affects of the Kuva Ayanga Riven are being reflected in the bow's Base Stats. Swapping my Heavy Weapon to a different archgun fixes the issue.

More Info:

  • I swapped to a Imperator that has a negative Crit Damage roll on its Riven, but that is NOT reflected in my bows.
  • With the Kuva Ayanga equipped (with the Riven), the Fire Rate penalty is NOT reflected in my non-bow weapons, including those with a Charge Rate (I tested it with my Opticor Vandal, which still had the 0.60 charge time).
  • The above leads me to think that the "x2 for Bows" aspect of the Fire Rate mod is somehow bleeding over to my primaries.
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