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PS4 Remote Play on PC forces Vita control map


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It's been quite a while since I used remote play, but loaded it back up today on PC using a connected dualshock controller and it now forces the PS Vita Remote Play configuration settings.  It does this using a phone + dualshock also.  I'm pretty sure 6-12 months ago it just used the normal controller layout when connected via remote play.  Anyhow, you can remap _most_ of the controls, but you can't use ability select as it isn't even a control option you can assign or I can't find it (i.e. hold down R1 + face button for ability).  Can we maybe get a toggle to be able to choose normal controls or psvita remote play controls in options if the incoming remote play platform can't be detected?  Thanks.


Edit: Sorry just noticed this is outlined in this thread also: 


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