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Grineer Reactor for Dojo


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Ever since I saw reactor room of Shipkiller Platform I felt that it would be a perfect addition for dojo that could substitute for a couple of basic Reactors, mainly at the cost of it's size. Why though? Because dojo have a hard limit of 128 rooms and, although this might seem like much, many clans are at the limit.


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2 hours ago, gluih said:

And you run the risk of meltdown or worse. Grineer weapons are fine for the most part, but I wouldn't want to rely on their other technology. Do you want your dojo to look like ceres?

Maybe your version is actually well-engineered rather than haphazardly kludged from spare parts and third-hand designs? Last I checked Grineer tech is mostly salvaged, so perhaps somewhere out there exists an actual fully-functioning version of the Grineer imitation?

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