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Immortal Kuva Larvaling glitch


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The new Kuva Larvaling changes might make this moot, but I encountered an annoying glitch when trying to spawn a Lich on Adaro, Sedna on PS4. I believe it happened because my Dethcube was the one to down the Larvaling instead of me and it took me a while to mercy it because it died behind some scenery and I couldn't find it at first. But after I ran around looking for it, I don't think I even mercied it, the spawn animation did not play and it got up and started trying to kill me again, appearing to have zero health and not responding to damage. I exited the mission without completing it, assuming it was too messed up to continue and get the spawn. But afterward the Lich-rising played, so in the end it didn't screw me over, it was just very confusing.

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