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Specter damage & kills not recorded in scoreboard

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All specters, including ones created from Warframes (Equinox's [Duality] ability augment, and Umbra Excalibur when entering spoiler mode) do not have their kills, or damage, registered in the scoreboard when the player is not the host of the mission.

When playing as the host, all damage and kills from specters are accounted for as per normal.

This has been a long standing bug that I've made 2 previous forum posts about.

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This issue is pretty old. For as far as I can remember this issue always existed. I came to accept it.
But earlier today, something finally made me care about it.

I have a protea specter setup, made for AoE, it cleans rooms quite nicely. As it should.
I usually don't farm fissures but recently my clan got two newcomers and I decided to use this nice specter to clean rooms for me in Survival.

It works wonders, just gotta make sure to not get afk or else the specter stops attacking. Everything's good. I can watch a video and farm at the same time. But during that time I'm not moving.

That's when a player told me he reported me for leeching, I tried to explain to him the situation, which he could have seen if he would just look behind him, but he finally nailed the coffin by saying something like "I don't care. Scoreboard says you did the lowest damage, the numbers are proof enough"

So if the scoreboard really matters to these people, I'd love this issue to be fixed

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