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Speed Up Reactor Sabotage


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As it stands at the moment, there are three ways you can complete a reactor variant of the Sabotage mission:

Option 1. You can insert a fuel cell into the core to overheat the reactor, then open a blast door to get out (fastest option!)

Option 2. You can insert a coolant cell into the core to freeze the reactor, then defend the coolant pipes to get out.

Option 3. You can insert a fuel cell into the coolant station to degrade the reactor, then defend the reactor console to get out.

If you weren't aware that Options 2 and 3 existed, it's because everyone opted to always overheat the reactor for time's sake. Unfortunately, there's no change in the reward structure for the mission unless you (and/or your squad) decide to search for the resource caches. Unless its for a Riven or for Nightwave, this is also unlikely for the same reason--time. There's simply no reason to stick around the extra minutes to pursue variants 2 and 3 for this type of sabotage. We will always insert the fuel cell because it is faster.

Honestly, the environmental effects of the other two methods are actually super cool, and I wish there were a reason to pursue Options 2 or 3 instead of reinserting the fuel cell and then leaving. Every. Single. Time. Opening the blast door every time is boring and it does not help with the "Repetition or Progress" issue others have brought forward because it is literally the same every time. I propose the removal of the "defense" for versions 2 and 3, and replacing it with a similar lock-down procedure as version 1. This way we can keep the options for completion open, without sacrificing the timeliness of Option 1. 

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Option 1 also has the benefit that there are no environmental hazards (ice patches, magnet bubbles) afterwards. It would still be the superior option even in that case.

EDIT: no environmental hazards of any consequence; fire patches do basically nothing to you.

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