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Corbu Shawzin isn't fully polyphonic


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Not sure if this is an intentional design choice or a bug, but considering that the Nelumbo Shawzin and Dax's Shawzin are fully polyphonic (able to produce multiple notes/pitches/sounds at a time, EG: C & D on the chromatic scale on strings 1 & 3) I've decided to throw this forum post up to get confirmation on if it is an intended feature or not.

As mentioned in the example in the above paragraph, the Corbu Shawzin is the only shawzin that cannot play multiple notes if simultaneously pressing 2, or more, 'string' buttons of any combination for buttons 1, 2 & 3 without holding down 2 or more 'fret' buttons. (Left, down and right for the fret buttons)

Other than that, the Corbu Shawzin is virtually identical to the previous 2 shawzins, with the difference that rather than playing an arpeggio when holding 2 or more fret buttons, the Corbu Shawzin plays the notes as a whole chord.

Is cool shawzin, yes.

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