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This happens a bit irregularly, thought it was fixed a while ago, but still happens to me:

Occasionally when I try to log into the game, I end up typing in my password elsewhere, despite the game being on top.

I run the game in windowed borderless mode, and I do tend to alt-tab all the time (multitasking & stuff), so sometimes I might launch the game & then immediately alt-tab while continuing with whatever else I was doing (frequently chatting on discord).

Once the game pops on top on login screen, one would assume that the game is now the top focus for input... but that seems to fail sometimes. Yay for typing my password into large public channels on discord multiple times because I didn't notice I wasn't typing into the game *despite the cursor on the input field being blinking as if ready for input*.


I don't have this issue with any other game that I alt-tab out of while loading.

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... and now I've dropped my password into discord for 2 days in row.  Fortunately this time in a small inactive one with friends but still... this is... really annoying.

Started warframe, hit launch, quickly alt-tabbed to reply to a question, game pops on top, I quickly write my password... into the discord not visible in the background.


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