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Display bug for railjack part scrapping


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There is one, possibly two display bugs when scrapping wreckage for railjacks. Both bugs can be seen in the following video:

Firstly, there is always a black circle on one wreckage. This bug seems to be known.

For the next bug one needs to pay attention to the video. In the beginning of the video I hover over a 59.9% increased fire rate Zetki Cryophon. After I scrap a Zetki Apoc, the aforementioned Cryophon is gone. Please pardon the hasty nature of the video as I did not record it on purpose, but used nVidia's video evidence feature after it happened.

What is not seen in the video, the Cryophon is not actually gone. After I exited the menu and got the popup message to scrap parts, I entered another menu, one which contained all my scrappable parts. Among those was the Cryophon.

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