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(Bug? Feature?) Ash Smokescreen coloration


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Looks like Update 27.1.0 sneakily added two-tone colors for Ash's Smokescreen ability based on his Attachment energy colors. Neat!

However, I think there's an issue with the color distribution for his Invis state, which is transparent mixed with the Primary Attachment Energy Color. Unlike its name would imply, the Primary Attachment Energy Color usually plays second fiddle to the Secondary one - if you're equipping something like the Eidolon Ephemera or Vetala Shoulder plates, the majority of the coloration will be taken up by the Secondary Color.

This makes it rather jarring when the Primary Color is being used so very prominently during Smokescreen Invis. It's kinda when the Secondary or Tertiary color slots cover way more area than the Primary color slot and that leads to coordination hurdles for cosmetics. 

I for one hope the colors are either going to be swapped or properly blended. 

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