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What can make this game better? (Serious suggestions please)


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I was thinking about this and thought maybe we could brainstorm and give DE some ideas...

- Can we please have a set spot where we land in our Dojos? I keep landing on decorations.

- Not so in depth as the Operator one, maybe like 3 different schools (think obedience schools) one more for kubrow, one for kavat, one for sentinels, though again with certain nodes that are useful for each. Now, while each school might be "for" a certain companion,. it isn't ONLY useful for them, just that it is more tailored for them. Exp (sorry, i don't like using "affinity") would be earned by the companion and weapons (exalted pet weapons perhaps?). This would take some time, but it would give those with everything else done something new to try out and give beginners something new to work towards and start teaching them about how Focus works for later on. (I really just don't like having exp wasted on pets/sentinels that are already at level 30 and feel this would solve that.)


-  Syndicate skins and helmets. started talk back in    https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1064175-hey-dehow-about-the-possibility-of-syndicate-skins-and-helmets/ 
with someone else's ideas from   https://forums.warframe.com/topic/796780-syndicate-operator-suits-added-arbiters-of-hexis-art/


- If we have a frame, like Frost, that comes with a piece of armor, why not allow us to equip that armor on other frames?


- having a "viewer" that we can re-watch scenes/movies again.


- a better way of reporting players that join a match just to leach and let others do the work (like in defense mode where they just sit on the target)


- offer voice packs, like the April Fools teased Lotus packs  https://www.warframe.com/lotus-packs/
maybe have Nora Night instead of Lotus for missions or Ordis in the orbiter?


What do yall think? Will add to this as I think of more.

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