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Decoration (grass patch) stuck in Dojo




This didn't really fit into any of the bug subforums, so I thought I'd ask for help or some workaround here.

I placed the thrice-cursed Grass Patch in my dojo. Unfortunately, it ended up being completely borked (floating in air at 90 degrees). It wouldn't be a problem usually, but I actually can't select it to cancel it - it's like it doesn't register that its there, it's unselectable. I have looked for a way to 'reset' a dojo room or something like that, but found none, so I'm wondering if any of you here have some workaround to suddenly make it selectable? Deleting the whole room is not something I'd like to do, and frankly would be a bit embarassing because of other people's decorations there.

Don't think it's necessary, but here's a screenshot to illustrate it: https://paste.pics/a344659441ccf3fbcf46ad8f1ab5a158


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1 minute ago, BlazingStar said:

That's the thing, I can't select it at all, so it will stay a permanent yellow stain, excuse my language.

Have you tried leaving the dojo and returning? Just to refresh things. Then zoom as far out as possible before aiming your cursor at it, so you can cover a larger area when you check it for a point that interacts. Approach it from all angles. Be sure to bring it up to the clan also, so you can get a few people trying if possible. It seems like the cursor is just passing through it and not detecting it.. so lining yourself up so your cursor has to pass through the most mass is the best bet I can think of.

Sorry to hear you're in that spot. Let us know if you get it figured out.

(Sure sounds like we could use a new dojo editor. 😉 )

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