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Long-term animation reworks - Animations interacting with other objects


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First video is talking about the problem as:
"Just do it, DE, it's simple"  - vs.-  "math plus spagetti makes this just not worth it"
It's actually talking about one game and pulling the formulas from other sources. But you'll get the point.

The second video is taking that and polishing it for a game with very few characters. No math shown.

The third video is what I want in Warframe. From 10:38 (as linked), watch 5 minutes.





Ever since Eidolons came out, I wanted to be able to NOT bounce off and slide from moving objects. Imagine jumping onto an Eidolon's leg, then on its back then on a shoulder. Then, shoot his weak spot from there or dig in with your melee. And ideally, have it try to swipe/grab/shoot you with its hand.


Since the last AW rework (blink nerf) made terrain hurt you, being unable to interact with terrain started feeling like terrain is actually molten-hot barbed wire (including snow).
- If I'm flying (grinding) against the ground at 45° angle, I want a sprint animation to kick in.
- If I'm flying at 80°, I want the AW to seem like it's thrusting down, but also my Warframe should be walking and pushing its legs against it.
- If I'm flying, am in touch with the ground and am holding crouch, AW should power down but remain equipped on my back and land controls would kick in 'til I press spacebar again.
- If I'm grinding against a wall, I want it to turn into a form of wall-dash animation.


To wrap this up;
Just put this on the to-do board for now and have one person mess with it on occasion.
I'm aware how difficult all of this is. It most likely also implies ditching a good chunk of hard work done so far. And not just in the animations department.
But notice the enthusiasm in the last video. It's not hard to imagine people talking like that about Warframe. It happened several times. Especially around PoE when the game was gaining popularity fast (F2P that's not P2W +has AAA graphic) and The Second Dream (being greeted by the character creation screen).

!"#$ Destiny. That rival is an equal, not a benchmark goal. All of this and more should be done before Star Citizen comes out. That game is also going to be F2P with good graphics. And will be accompanied by the same style of player influx WoW Classic had (servers overloaded, 7h login queues and players still wanting to play). Reminder: That was with WoW having no F2P players wanting to play it.

And look for solutions on how to make 50+ players load into the same battlefield.

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