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Login failed, check your info 2020


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playing from the same location (meaning, did you played from the same network before and now)? the most often 'problem' with wrong credentials are caps-lock and numlock active/not active - and if you tried too often to login with the wrong user/password informations, you'll get an IP-ban of 24 hours to protect the account. this might also extend to an account block of (likely) 24h if wrong access attempts from diferent IPs are registered - not sure if DE is handling it this way, but it's one of the more used methods to prevent brute-force attacks.

since you can write here in the forum, which uses the same credentials as the game, it might be just the IP-ban (if at all). if you get an dynamic IP from your ISP, a simple restart of your router will get you a new IP adress (or, if your router has the option in its configuration, you can use this toinitiate a re-connect to the ISP and get a new IP). if your IP is static, you'll have to wait the IP ban out (except if you think you can get your ISP to change your IP - i wouldn't count on that though - at least not in the timeframe you'd have to wait anyway ^^)

beside those possible reasons, there is the chance that any changes done in your private network and/or router (or modem) are responsible for connection problems - though i think that you would have no loging  issues then but connection trouble to other players... nevertheless, if you are not the responsible admin of your own network, asking won't hurt.

ah, also never forget the most obvious and often helpfull advice: restart of the computer and also the router/modem - that solves problems more often than most would belive...

if nothing else helps and you also waited 24 hours and still get the login error, you should open a ticket to the support (don't bother if it's onla the 24h ip-blockage since it will take likely a few days before the support comes around to work on your ticket).

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