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What is the best way to share screenshots on this forum?  I signed up for a Flicr and the link it sets takes you to a page and does not show the picture directly.  Seems sub-par to not allow screenshots directly in this forum but need to go 3rd party.  

What do you guys use (must be free and not require any software install)?  

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I use Postimage(org). It's free, and I've never had trouble figuring it out.
Strictly for sharing Warframe screen shots and related pics.
F6 screenshots in game, and saves to a folder. (mine's under pictures)
When I upload the picture with postimage, it gives links to share..
or re-select the picture from my uploaded pictures and hit Share, and it brings up the links.

I will say, it's lost a bunch of my photos, but that really doesn't matter to me since they're all still in my screenshot folder anyways.

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