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Railjack aiming on console


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Dear DE, Hello. Im a 5 years player and I never posted anything here(even when a store bug took away my plat for nothing) so this is the 1st time I do this and I hope Im doing it right. When u released emperyan on console at christmas the aiming was fine it was like the pc, but you changed it and made that I have rotate the whole ship to aim because the reticle is always in the middle. I was hoping that you would fix this in the recent update, but we waited for OVER a month for the update and it is still the same. Aiming with railjack now is nearly impossible. Even when I tried to use a mouse and keyboard its still the same. So please DE fix this issue and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont make us wait another month or more for it to be fixed. If there is already a fix for this please tell me. Thanks.

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