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No way to turn off Railjack powers menu toggle?


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Right now, it seems like pressing R1 while piloting the Railjack toggles a setting so that you are now "using the powers menu" and not using normal controls.  So even if I release R1, I'm still using the powers menu.  This can lead to bad situations where I am locked out of important functionality.  For example, if I want to stop piloting the ship, the button for that is Circle.  But if I have the powers menu up, it will instead use my Railjack ability that is mapped to Circle...which might not be so bad if it didn't waste 100 Flux?

We need some way to turn the Power menu off.  I'm guessing that you're supposed to need to hold down R1 to stay in the power menu and that this is a bug?  I can't imagine that it's intended that there's a state where you lose the ability to leave the pilot's seat.

For context, often I end up in this state because I try to use a power and the timing or distance or cross-hair wasn't centered right, so nothing happens, but it still leaves me in the Power menu.

Thanks for looking into this issue!

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Follow-up: it seems like once I press R1, the only way to get the power menu to go away is to press left (or whatever button maps to the Tactical Menu).

Detail: today I pressed R1 once, then pressed Square to use the Tether skill.  The skill fired, but I could tell that "power menu" was still active because the visual icons for the buttons stuck around.  I could not fire my ship's guns. either.  I pressed left, which got me to the Tactical Menu, and then backed out of that and was in full control of my standard ship again.

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