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Refining equipped relics: issue and suggested fixes


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I was running an Axi interception mission on Xini. At the beginning of the third round, I equipped a Flawless relic, then upgraded it to Radiant. However, the game showed that I still had a Flawless relic equipped. While I cracked the relic open, I was not able to select any rewards at the end of the round, missing out on another player's Ash Systems. The relic was returned to me as Radiant. 

So I downloaded the logs and had a look... it seemed that the game did not receive my confirmation to equip the Radiant and was left with the no longer existing Flawless relic equipped. My hypothesis is that the last person selected their relic in between the time I upgraded it and the time I re-confirmed that i want the Radiant equipped. With a bit of further testing the problem becomes replicable and apparent.

With a relic already equipped on the 'choose your relic' screen:

  • Refining that relic while there are multiple copies of the unrefined relic, and not confirming to equip the refined relic is suboptimal. An unrefined relic will be consumed and the refined relic will remain in inventory.
  • Refining a relic when there is only one copy of the relic, and not confirming to equip the refined relic is bad. The game believes that there is an unrefined relic in inventory and will show this in the GUI. However, when rewards are retrieved, no relic can be consumed and thus acts as if no relic was equipped.

This is an issue because the timing of another player is effectively random, so the player has no way of knowing if they have enough time to refine a relic while it is already selected.

I present a couple possible solutions to this problem:

  • I believe the best way would be to immediately equip the refined relic, without any second confirmation necessary. The player has already confirmed which relic they wanted, and the refining process already has a confirmation dialog. The intent of the player is clear; they want to run the refined relic.
  • Less preferred would be to unequip the relic chosen. This would at least allow certainty as to when the next round would start. This is less preferred to the above because, if the timer is short, the player will run the mission without a relic.

Please do not only implement a check to see if a copy of the equipped (unrefined) relic is in the inventory. This does not fix the uncertainty of other players' actions and still allows the player to unintentionally run a relic with a different refinement level.

In the meantime, best practice would be to always refine before equipping relics during endless missions.

Thanks for reading.

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