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Valence Fusion Bug


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I did the new valence fusion last night on my kuva brakk (lvl 34 2 forma) that had 25% electric adding a 28% toxin to form a 30% toxin. The new element applied fine, but my impact, puncture, slash is now reduced on the weapon. Going from preview to equip in the arsenal shows the damage drop a few points for each damage (58 to 55 impact for example) and this is with no mods on. It looks like that amount was subtracted from IPS and added into the element bonus the weapon has. I know something is wrong here because I had an old screenshot with fully modded numbers and they are also lower after applying exactly the same mods (13 less damage combined from IPS and added 13 damage to my corrosive). 

Please help, please fix! Thank you!

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