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Anomaly Timer Reduction


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I just crashed becouse of warframes serversm bug or problem and lost all my wrekage, resourses and anomaly shards now i half to whate for 2 hours to be able to try and get them back  i would like to sugest somthing so this dosent happen to any one else 

1. Fix the bug on xbox servers and other platform servers  

2. Make the timer for the anomaly to appear 30 minuts so after the anomsly leaves in 30 minuts you what another 30 minuts instead of 2 hours for it to apear again 



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If the anomaly spawns once at 2 hours DE should make it stay for ONE hour because most of the time the teams doing the level are not so capable in focusing on fast pacing action and don't have their Railjack and intrinsics leveled up enough  thus making the mission last close to 15 minutes. If you're lucky to get a team that works fast you'll get to farm the anomaly more than 4 times.

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