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Remove Umbra's Sentience Passive


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Can we PLEASE get rid of the "Sentience" half of Excalibur Umbra's Passive? I can list off literally dozens of situations where it serves to hurt more than help, and it's not even something that can be fixed with a simple buff like "Umbra has increased damage while in Operator" or "Umbra can now use Exalted Blade while in Operator".
The addition of Sentience to Excalibur(Umbra)'s passive is a strict hindrance in most cases.
It gets you killed. It fights when you don't want it to. It practically forces you into using certain arcanes just to offset the penalties that this PASSIVE punishes you with. And most of all you get so so so so SOOOOOO many bugs.

Today's example: I hopped out to kill a Vomvalyst and Umbra got shot(killed) while I was doing so and I watched as he fell through the map. Hopping back in, the entire model disappeared, abilities were locked, parkour disabled, and I was stuck at the current elevation being only able to move horizontally. Fell through the map myself eventually, where I was forced into archwing, with no way back onboard anywhere and even /unstuck failing, except omni tool teleportation, but even there I fell through the Railjack back into archwing. Forced to abort mission, obviously.



I get that it's a lore thing, but lore shouldn't be an excuse to keep a function on a warframe that has clearly failed since release. It's been a year and a half now and if Umbra didn't have just straight up better stats, I'd go back to normal excal for the "warframe is invulnerable while in operator" aspect. There's even things that don't apply to Umbra specifically verses the entire warframe cast, even though previous hotfix notes state otherwise(like Vazarin's Protective Dash? Yeah no, it still hates Umbra).

Remove Umbra's Sentience Passive, for the love of god, please DE... 


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I actually like it, but would like instead its bugs fixed.


I love for lore reasons, use Umbra for eidolon hunting, but often this results in out of the blue instakills, for example my operator dies, and umbra is already dead, resulting in a instakill.

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It's reasons like that this this passive needs to go. There's countless other bugs regarding this and I'll bet there will be countless more for it in the future even if DE fixes the bugs there are now. There's even a high chance that DE will fix somethings, only for them to be broken again soon after(because this has already happened). Or DE 'saying' they fixed something for it, then it turns out nope, nothing got fixed; this also has a very high probability of happening(because again, something like this already happened).

Umbra's passive is so buggy and resilient--it's like a cockroach. There's no hope of fixing it and it just needs to die.

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