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No Initiates Allowed


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So I was inspired by Yuikami's comic involving Lech Kril and Grineer Beer.



And she, in turn, revealed what I assume to be inspiration for that.



So I commented on how Tenno ages 21+ could enjoy such a glorious beverage while the initiates can just sit at the door. This led me to thinking about my Nova who, by character standards, acts as if she's 16 98% of the time she interacts with other people. And Thus this sketch art I just made in 20 minutes was born!




For something I just whipped up it's not bad, methinks. I at least used GIMP to make the lines sharper and brighten it up. I don't use digital and I don't use colored pencils so what I make are forever sketches. For those who are wondering my Nova is red and black, so her sleevy-things are black.

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Now you must make one of Rhino, Krill and Vor trying to out-drink one another !


Oh god...between sketching and writing my fanfic chapters I won't play the game at this point. XD Man now I gotta find Kril and Vor references.


And don't worry Ajkrumen...she acts likes she's 16...in the 60s.

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talk_zpse121dee9.jpg  Aww poor thang! want big sissy Nyx to slit slip you innn? -hic-


Nova-Quinn: -sniffles- uh-huh.


Adorable. Drunk Yuikami is scary and sweet all at once.


The loot the Tenno operative finds during survival missions is Grineer Beer stashes, and in spy missions, the datamasses you're mining are recipes for different brews of Grineer Beer.


Don't you see? This war is being fought over alcohol.


No! It is being fought over...



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