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Warframe Concept (Ergo The Explosive Energy Warframe)


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Click here for link to image  - - >  https://ibb.co/2ZZyhmK

I was thinking he would look like Energy had ripped him apart in the first experiment and the orokin scientists made it so he had to expel his energy in order to survive but it was volatile at best so once he was pulled back together the energy he contains can only hold so much till it is forcefully released in order to maintain his body. So his body looks like it has been re-purposed after being ripped apart.

This Warframe would be a based on the Greek Ergon meaning "Work" a physics term. In this sense the energy for thier powers use Potential and Kinetic energy and managing their Energy Overload is very important. 

Warframe has a HUD "Potential energy bar" 

Looks vaguely like this ( 25%/50%/75%/100% )


Armor- 300

Energy- 150

Health- 200

Sheild- 100

Sprint speed- 1.00

Ergo...The Explosive Energy Warframe.


Balance and caution are crucial more than ever. But with a honed sense for danger you can send an equal or much worse force back at your foes. Ergo is the cataylst for a most destructive force. Be careful Tenno few can match this warframes explosive nature.

Exalted Melee Omnix:  A special new form of kogake/hirudo/obex weapon with an original stance.

Attack Speed: 1.00

Blocking Angle: 50.0

Combo Duration: 5.0

Critical Chance: 25%

Critical Multiplier: 3.0

Range: 2.00

Status: 25%



When in the air any potential energy stored after you reach 100% from incoming attacks, or by using your primary, secondary, or melee will not cause an overload AOE. The duration for the 1st ability "conservation" will immediately expire once you touch the ground. At 100% potential energy stored, a heavy landing will cause a shockwave staggering all enemies within 10m damage dealt is based on exalted melee weapons base damage and how long you stay in the air.¶


Ability 1 - Conservation:


Drain: 25

Energy / Second: 2

Ergo coats himself with an aura that absorbs kinetic energy and converts it into potential energy. Upon activation You can store up potential energy from incoming attacks till a certain point until the stored energy has to be released. The time alotted for you to go into overload after you reach 100% potential energy is determined by your armor. Example: if the container AKA the Warframes armor is weak the less time you will have before the energy is violently released. 

300 armor you have 5s till overload AOE.

600 armor you have 10s

900 armor you have 15s

1200 armor you have 20s

Anything above that is pure survivablity.

Additionally once your health reaches 25% all potential energy stored will be realsed as a impact damage as a 10m AOE staggering enemies around you and you will also be staggered. Energy stored percentage AKA (the speed you gather potential energy) can also be increased by damage dealt with exalted melee weapon.




Fire With Fire - Augment:


Any status effect applied to you is added to all weapons equiped for duration of the status. Status chance is determined by weapon stats except for Exalted melee which is at 100% status chance as long as 25% potential energy is stored.

Ability 2 - Catalyst:


Drain: 50 

Ergo clinches his fist in front of him while Potential energy is stored and applied to exalted melee weapon. The stored energy can be used in either puncture, impact, slash, or overload damage with 100% status chance. Press ability to toggle selections. Hold to store and press again to release.

Holding ability will store the potential energy. Hold for 4 seconds to store all energy. Holding time determines the percentage of potential energy stored and duration of invincibility. 

25% = 1s hold and 1s invincibility

50% = 2s hold and 2s invincibility

75% = 3s hold and 3s invincibility

100%. = 4s hold and 4s invincibility

If you "only" have exalted melee equiped 25% of potential energy stored will be refunded on release. 

Catalyst Ability can only be used if 25% potential energy is stored. If less than 25% is stored and you try to use the ability it will cause you to stagger.






Will release a cone spray of bullet like energy breifly stunning enemies with a straight punch reducing enemy damage for 10s. Damage reduction is determined by stored potential energy used. Effect only applies to enemies hit. Directing at allies at 100% kinetic release if will give 100% Damage reduction for 10s.


25% kinetic release = 25% damage reduction 

50% kinetic release = 50% damage reduction

75% kinetic release = 75% damage reduction

100% kinetic release = 100% damage reduction

Cone width: 4m

Cone length: 20m

Range can be increased with Mods.






Will release a shockwave of gravitational energy as a fist slam Knocking down all enemies in range. Directing at ally at 100% kinetic release will cause all of their attacks to have impact damage at 100% status chance causing staggering on all enemies for 10s.


25% kinetic release = 5s of knock down

50% kinetic release = 10s of knock down

75% kinetic release = 15s of knock down

100% kinetic release = 20s of knock down

Width: 5m

Length: 5m

Range can be increased with mods






Will release a straight wave of energy in a vertical hand chop causing a slash proc. Enemies instantly killed will be split in half vertically. Slash tick damage is determined by exalted melee base damage, combo counter, critical chance, and critical multipler. Duration is not increased by mods. Directing at allies at 100% kinetic release will cause them to have slash damage on all weapons at 100% status chance for 10s.


Length 20m Range can be increased with mods.






Will release potential energy into yourself giving you a 200% damage buff and 2x for melee that lasts until you go into critical mass overload state AKA if you don't use the potential energy in time, are reduced to 25% health, or you heavy fall at 100% potential energy. Basic Elemental status like toxic, cold, heat, shock that are added to exalted melee will also be applied at 100% status chance for the puncture, impact, and slash types. Dual status effect synergize with "Fire with Fire" Augment. Directing to ally will give them the 200% damage buff

Critical Mass kick - Augment


Performing an air kick will overload whatever is hit with volatile power. On death the enemy will explode as a 10m AOE. damage type and effect are determined by type selected and stored. If an enemy that is hit doesn't die you will be staggered. Damage is determined by potential energy stored and power strength. Range of AOE can not be altered with range mods. Increasing sprint speed with mods will increase speed force effect, and base damage of the kick. If you do not kick anything and touch the ground the AOE will stagger you as well.

Ability 3 - Entropy field:


Drain: 75

Ergo will clash both fists together in front of him, and begins to loose all remaining potential energy to create a protective 5m entropy field that absorbs all incoming attacks for a base 20s. Amount of potential energy drained determines duration of protective field. If less than 25% of potential energy is stored before use field will be 2.5m and will last 10s.

25% potential energy = 20s

50% potential engery = 30s

75% potential energy = 40s

100% potential energy = 50s

25% of potential energy used is refunded once time runs out. 50% if only exalted melee is equiped. Energy will not be refunded if less than 25% was used.



Range of field can be increased with mods.

Equalibrium - Augment


Holding the ability will cause anyone who hits you with melee or projectiles to be immobilized. You will be unable to move and all damage the recieved at the end of casting will add to stored potential energy. The effect will end when you release the ability or when the time is up. You can activate this Augment every 50s. Pressing the ability once will not activate Augment. Best used in large crowds of enemies.

Ability 4 - Blast Wind


Drain: 100

Ergo looks down and clinches his fist in a menacing pose as violent pressure waves emit from him. He will enter an exhalted melee stance and every heavy attack will pressurize the air and cause a 5m AOE explosion that will suck all enemies within a 5m radius towards the blast. Enemies that are killed will ragdoll and explode. Damage is determined by power strength and by mods on exalted melee weapon and combo counter.

The Effect will last for 20s and all potential energy is depleted after time is up. Duration can not be increased by mods. Can be deactivated if pressed again retaining the remaining potential energy.




Augment - Explosive Transferal


Holding the ability at 100% will store the potential energy in all weapons. The next hit will transfer all energy into whatever you hit. The targeted destination will detonate in 2s in a 10m blast erupting a large pillar of kinetic energy disintegrating any enemies killed. Damage stacks with power strength. Ability can not be spammed due to it reducing all potential energy.


For most of Ergos abilities the duration is determined by the amount of stored Potential Energy and not by mods.


Focus on Armor, efficiency, power strength, and range. You can forget power strength to go full CC as most abilities focus on status and damage of exalted weapon. Using power strength is good for some abilties but his abilities are not spamable at least at full strength. He is more of a CC team helper and when he charges up he can deal heavy damage for 20s and then you will go back to 25% or no energy and return to CC and helping your team with damage reduction and adding great damage types to their weapons. The slash damage chop is very thin but has long reach it is meant for mostly single targets or hiting enemies in a line. Meant for players who enjoy balance and waiting for the perfect moment to turn the tables and obliterate a target. 


Abilities synergize with each other to give a methodical way to play around with builds. 


I did my best let me know what you think. 




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