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Returning to Railjack after Updtade 27.1.0


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[Disclaimer: Apart from some occasional 'zooms', this is integral/unalterated footage of my very first mission back into Railjack]

I am sure people's experiences will vary, this was just mine, and I wanna share it has an example of what you might encounter if (like me) you are "new" to this (game) mode.

More in the video's description. If you enjoy it, please Like & Subscribe.


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OP joins the mission, loading takes a long time, runs around really slow not knowing what to do, mission fails, complains how DE didn't fix the railjack.


If the point of your video is that there is no tutorial on how to railjack then yes... some players might have use for this.

This is more feedback than fan zone worthy post imho

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