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Easy fix for Valkyr


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I love Valkyr, but I haven't played her in a long while and I think it's because she's just been outstripped by newer content. A speed frame like Wisp or Gauss with Venka Prime can basically do almost everything Valkyr can, and other stuff too. She's also really suffered in the melee rework - all the claw stances have lots of Slash procs and really benefit from using combo mods (especially the Venka, which goes to 13), while Valkyr's claws have a special stance with no slash procs and can't use combo mods.

I have an idea for a rework that I think is easy to develop:

1. Ripline - currently useless, I'd make this auto aim at all enemies within 70deg and 25m in front (affected by range) and pull them all to 1m in front of Valkyr with both guaranteed Impact and Puncture procs, but no damage. Think like her current ripline, but no aiming and pulling lots of enemies (as this is a mob game, not a series of duels) in at once.

2. War Cry - is great, leave as is, but maybe make it recast-able.

3. Paralysis - sounds like it should be good, but it's only really useful for finishers. Both Inaros and Excalibur have that without having to use shields (which Valkyr never has because she's an armour tank with her 2). Make it open enemies up to finishers for longer even if she has no shield, and significantly increase the damage if she does (it needs to be more than a swipe of her claws would be).

4. Hysteria (terrible name if you know its origin) is good, leave as is, except...

Her claws just aren't good enough. The base Venka can do more damage a soon as it has any combo. They need:

- Fast combo counter that goes to 16x (bear in mind she's burning energy the whole time).

- A stance where every attack has guaranteed slash procs (it currently has none, all the other claw stances have multiple options). Valkyr's claws need to be slash monsters and also the best claws in the game.

- Exalted weapons are not allowed combo mods, but this one should have a reduced Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds built in. 50% crit chance and 20% status chance with each combo count.

Would this be OP? Probably, one of a massive stack of OP things in this game. Valkyr's supposed to be the melee brawler frame, she should be rediculously good at it.

None of these changes should be expensive - no new assets or animation changes. It could possibly be done with just Lua script changes.


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23 minutes ago, (PS4)LoisGordils said:

Every time I see "easy" and/or "simple" I have to roll my eyes. One cannot simply trivialize or assume any changes or work DE puts in is easy. Unless you know how to code and can write the script necessary for the changes, don't undermine their effort -_-

I'm not, no disrespect intended.

But yes, I know how to code (I do it for a living) and have some idea of relative amounts of work different changes entail. This would use all existing assets (which are expensive to change) and animations (which are expensive to change) and only change mechanics in ways that other things in Warframe already do.

Most of these behaviours are handled by Lua scripts in Warframe and can be changed via hotfix, while the more expensive changes (assets, animations, graphics engine stuff) need a release (and cert on consoles, all that).

So, not trivial, not necessarily easy, but easier than a lot of proposed reworks on here. Obviously there may be limiting factors I don't know about - these are just an idea for how to fix this frame that could, potentially, be practical to do.

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