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Combining Railjack Reactors Idea (for future update)


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I had an idea for the comdining of wrekage reactors

When you have 2 reactors you can put one into the other inhansing one just like kuva guns

Say you have a reactor zetki mk3 with 70 cap and 220 flux and you feed it a reactor zetki mk2 with 40 cap and 120 flux the mk3 would go up to 75 cap and 230 flux you can feed a mk3 to the max of 100 cap and 400 flux a mk2 to the max of 70 cap and 200 flux and a mk1 to the max of  40 cap and 100 flux same thing with lavan and vidar reactors  the only thing that wont change is mk3 spesial traites a vidar special wont go onto a lavan but will go onto another lavan  

This way every one can build up to the purfict reactor just like you can build up to the purfect kuva gun (same thing can go for the shelds, engiens, and guns to make the purfect railjack) 

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4 minutes ago, Jiminez_Burial said:

It's already going to happen.  When they showed the Kuva Fusion in the last Dev-stream (the proper ones) they said "Well I guess we have to do this for RJ now".

I know i was just throwing some ideas around like the mk3 reactors going to 100 cap, mk2 to 70, and mk1 to 40 to let everyone get the best and purfect reactor for there ship

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