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Staticors blinding with Adaptive Exposure.


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When Adaptive Exposure is enabled under the display settings, any light coming from certain weapons with a bright explosion causes the player's view to become VERY dark.



Without Adaptive exposure is pretty dark as it is, but not nearly as awful as the darkening effect from adaptive exposure from a weapon's shot.

I don't know if it's just the staticors or there's more weapons that experience this, but I never turn on Adaptive Exposure for the purpose that I can see and play the game with my favourite weapons!


Before someone goes on a tangent that I should just turn the energy to black. Well, I love my bright colours, it's obvious, and I'd rather have the Adaptive setting turned off than change my colours.

It's a personal thing, but I still want to make it clear that this visual setting shouldn't be activated from a weapon's firing, and should be only activating when I'm walking from different light settings on a map. This problem has been happening for over a year and I'm surprised it hasn't been addressed. It used to not do this, but something changed that.


Thanks for reading!

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