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“Decoration Mode” forces you to always be ascending!


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The camera always moves up (like I’m holding down the ascend button) whenever I enter decoration mode for the SECOND time after loading in, but not the first. This happens in both the dojo and orbiter.

The problem can be reset by travelling back and forth between both places.

It happens in multiple rooms of my dojo and with multiple frames. I’ve also switched between joy cons and controller and the problem still persisted.

Please help me! Warframe is basically The Sims for me at this point. Travelling back and forth between my Dojo and Orbiter is really time consuming!

Thank you!

Edit: the upward movement is constant once it starts, just to be clear.

Final Update: It got fixed! Apparently it was the same, or related to, the Captura bug. Thanks everyone!

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OP here. Turns out ANY kind of reloading resets the “first is fine, every other time forces ascending camera”.

I can just constantly constantly start and stop a room construction if I have an available node. It’s a better work around, but it’s still not the best.


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