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DE, Is it possible that you could implement a way for the community to develop and make games for the in-game Ludoplex so that the Ludoplex will have more new games once every two or so months, kind of like Tennogen, or maybe releasing around the same time as every Tennogen as part of the base game as an update accessible to everyone to obtain, or maybe part of the Tennogen itself, needing to be bought through steam? not sure which would be best and easiest to implement such a thing, but i think it would be fun and awesome if that was a thing, especially with all of the different things that are being added to the game that allow for more forms of community creation, i feel like this would fit pretty well with all that.

Thanks for the read of my little Feedback suggestion if you did, just a small concept idea i wanted to throw out there, if you can, try to see if implementing such a thing would even be possible, i just think it would be such a great idea to see what kind of ludoplex games the community would/could make, seeing how simple and fun arcadey they could be or long, complex, story driven they could be, like actual straight up games in themselves maybe.

Have Fun, stay Happy, and Enjoy yourselves DE and Everyone,

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