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Ultimate Gamecard For Founders Package: How To?


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So, I have (5) 10$ Ultimate Gamecards that i want to spend on a 50$ Founders package. Where would I enter all these pins and store them up so I can afford the package?


>My assumption, I go to the founders page, click the 50$ option, log in to UltimatePay, then enter the pins of the Gamecards individually and let them stack until I hit 50$ in order to afford it.


(I've look everywhere on UltimatePay.com, but i can't find the option to enter individual pins. I also look on the Ulimate Gamecard site where I search for Warframe, and if I click the icon to Warframe, Warframe is supposed to guide me through the payment option of utilizing Ultimate Gamecards, but it just brings me to the homepage)

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