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Here I am again *@##$ing about Kuva lich issues.


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Okay so DE did an okay job making kuva lich hunting a bit more bearable. However NOW another lovely bug presents itself. Go figure, but the issue I've found now is that the larvaling doesn't seem to want to spawn. I've been running adaro on senda and had no issues in the past getting a larvaling to spawn. Now with the new peek at the possible weapon addition. NOW I've been dealing with a 1 out of 4 chance for a larvaling to spawn. So what the #*!% DE? Why drop a patch to "improve" the game, just to visibly neglect that there seems to be a severe issue with the #*!%ing spawns of Larvalings. I speak on behalf of people who have to roll numerous runs into adaro trying to pop the weapon they actually want from a larvaling, just to struggle to even get one to spawn. First flash initiates, but after that, no transition happens. No grammatically retarded space feminists with glandular problems speak in the little dialogue window, so no larvaling. If this is going to be a persisting issue, I legit cannot see why the #*!% I should continue playing a game that gets the band-aid treatment every time someone complains, or half assed patches that only address half of the problem presented. Been a good 5 years, but DE y'all #*!%ing lacking and ultimately your game is becoming a laughable S#&$ show. 


Fix your S#&$, or drop me a refund for how much I've put into your borderline fallout 76 equivalent excuse of a dumpsterfire. 

Cause something has got to improve as much as I enjoy these 2-3 month hiatuses from the S#&$ show this game has become every other update, this game had so much potential now being given a complete injustice by the laziness to address your communities concerns and your games ongoing problems you've shown DE.

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